Sunday, 26 December 2010

Beauty Sale Top Picks

OK, so call me sad but I have stayed up to get a first look at the Zuneta sale. I know it's not what Christmas is about but I guess I could class it as research for the blog. I actually made my first sale purchase on Christmas Eve, Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick in Bee (64) from Fenwicks which was down to £14.50. I have wanted to try the formula for months and swatched the shade a few weeks ago, luckily for me this was the one shade that was in the sale.

I had a brief look at the Space NK offerings today and they have some pretty good discounts. The best deals I think are the Eve Lom kits, Lipstick Queen glosses and the Laura Mercier palettes. I managed to resist as I was holding out for Zuneta and I already have enough skincare to last me the year.

Harrods online sale launched today and like Space NK, they had some good Laura Mercier pieces, all at 50% off. I spied a great eye kit I got last year, mascara, eyelash curlers, 3 cake eyeliners and the best bit, a set of 4 double ended eye brushes. Along with my MAC 217 brush, these are what I rely on when doing my eye makeup and I think it's a great price for everything that you get. Definitely worth checking out.

I was a little sad to see only one Rouge Bunny Rouge item and no Edward Bess or Butter London in the Zuneta sale, but I guess as they are probably top sellers it is only to be expected. However, I had contemplated asking for the Becca Beach Tint Trio for Christmas, but didn't, so immediately snapped that up plus a Rouge Bunny Rouge Eyeliner (non sale) to take me over the free shipping limit. Remember that Vex in the City has a 15% discount code, VEXZUNETA, so that helps bring the price down even further.

Now, enough sale talk, time for bed. Need my rest in order to face another onslaught of relatives tomorrow (love them really).

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas Day. Let me know if you found any great sale bargains.

Becca Beach Tint Trio - now £31.00 at Zuneta


  1. I haven't gone for anything as yet. I was holding out for the Zuneta sale but nothing grabbed me. I looked at the Rouge G's too but I really want to try one of the lighter colours. I might have to have a look a the Harrods sale now, that eye kit sounds very good.

    I have to change my shopping strategy now, I want to treat myself to something so it's probably going to have to be a non-sale item for me. What to pick, what to pick?!

    Jane x

  2. Hi Jane,
    You probably already know but HQ Hair have 30% off everything at the moment so might be a good time to try something that never normally goes in the sale (Nars etc). I really want to try the Chantecaille Lip Chic in Amaryrilus (probably spelt that totally wrong!). Could easily try some more Nars items. Not sure when the new Chanel collection comes out but it looks like it has some lovely items that would make a great present to yourself.

    Are there any RBR items you really wanted, or is that a silly question?!!!

    I'm trying to be very good and write a list of all the products I'd like to try this year, so that I don't get tempted into random purchases. RBR and Edward Bess makes up at least half of it!

    Jennifer X