Friday, 3 December 2010

All I want for Christmas.........

This would normally be the perfect time to write my Christmas List, but in a twist on the usual, I was handed a credit card and told to order my own this year (my family couldn't take the assortment of dates, websites and discount codes that accompanied my list - got a little bit Martin Lewis). The plus side is that I know I have everything I wanted, the minus is that when my Space NK and Zuneta parcels arrived I promptly had to hand them over without so much as a peek inside.

So here is what Santa will be leaving under the tree for me this year:
  • Edward Bess Compact Rouge in Island Rose
  • Edward Bess Compact Rouge in Love Affair
  • Edward Bess Lipstick in Night Romance
  • Chantecaille Lip Chic in Bourbon Rose (the one item that I have already tried)
  • Chantecaille Les Macarons Palette
  • Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm
  • Lipstick Queen Discovery Set
  • Rouge Bunny Rouge Eyeshadow in Solstice Halcyon
  • Rouge Bunny Rouge Eyeshadow in Delicate Hummingbird
  • Becca Showgirl Palette (even though it's from a few seasons ago, I preferred it to more recent offerings)
  • Le Metier de Beaute Peau Vierge
  • Dior Minaudiere in Pink Gold
Father Christmas will be getting a very big thank you come Christmas Day!

My favourite Beauty Bloggers like London Makeup Girl, Replica, Jeanie and Modesty Brown also deserve a big thank you for being the inspiration beyond a lot of the choices. I spent hours and hours looking at different swatches and reviews on your blogs to help decide what would suit me best. Isn't blogging brilliant?!

What is on your Christmas list this year?


  1. Oh wow!!! Lucky you, what fantastic presents!

  2. Happy Christmas to you! Wow what a load of loot!
    Huggles to you sweetie and enjoy it all- can't wait to see swatches x jeanie