Sunday, 28 November 2010

Totally devoted to tennis

Federer at work (my own camera work)
Sorry for the lack of posts this week, things will get back to normal tomorrow. The reason for disappearance has been my now annual pilgrimage to the O2 to watch the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals Tennis Tournament, featuring the top 8 male players. It used to be held in Shanghai but moved the London last year and as Wimbledon is near impossible to get tickets for unless you camp out, it is the best chance I have of seeing some great tennis.

I had a fantastic time last year because my favourite player, Juan Martin Del Potro of Argentina, made it to the last 8 and got through to the final so I managed to see all 5 of his matches. Unfortunately, he's been injured since January so he wasn't playing this year but my mum being a Federer fan wanted to go and I am not one to refuse free tickets!

So I've spent most of the week at the O2 Arena watching the likes of Federer, Nadal and Djokovic battle it out (plus regular outings to Pizza Express in between matches). Having a new camera for this year's tournament I spent most of the time trying to master my photography skills and try out the shutter burst function. It is harder than it looks!

Rafael Nadal (my own camera work)
 It was a shame that we only got to see one 3 set match, Nadal v Murray, as it can work out incredibly expensive for only an hours worth of tennis in some cases. Last year every match we watched except the final was a gripping 3 setter so we were spoiled.

My other huge disappoint was tickets to the final. I had guessed and hoped it would be a Federer Nadal final and there probably won't be too many more opportunities to see one in my lifetime. I bought a pair of tickets off eBay for the final, paid, and then the seller immediately refunded the money and cancelled the transaction saying that 'he had forgotten to set a reserve price' and couldn't let them go.

I really think this is disgraceful behaviour as I didn't bid on others as I thought I had secured this pair. I had paid cost price for them so to back out on a contract just because you didn't make the obscene profit you thought you would is not on. By this time there was no way to get another pair so I had to make do with seeing it on TV. Next year I will learn my lesson and get final tickets a long way in advance! Rant over.

It might have been a blessing in disguise as when I woke up this morning this was the view out of the window. Snow in November! Almost unheard of in England, particularly as I live by the sea.

A good couple of inches of snow outside!

My usual beauty ramblings will be starting again tomorrow.

My all time favourite sportsman Juan Martin Del Potro (sadly I've never been close enough to take a photo like this!)

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