Friday, 12 November 2010

RBR - no, it doesn't stand for Rouge Bunny Rouge

I will confess now that this post has little (make that nothing) to do with makeup. When I turned on my laptop this morning the first thing that appeared on my dashboard was the latest Nom or Vom by the lovely Big Fashionista. I have only recently started to follow her so this was the first Friday morning that I got to experience this weekly highlight! I immediately had to email her my own suggestions, this is a serious matter after all, and I felt inspired to do a homage in this post.

Really that is a long winded way of saying I have been in a freezing cold church all day setting up for a Christmas Craft Fair tomorrow (the number of handmade cards I sell directly correlates to the amount of makeup I can buy) and am too tired to do write the post I intended (Dior Minaudiere review, will be posted tomorrow). If the fair goes well, I might finally be able to make my first Rouge Bunny Rouge purchase, about time!

Some of you may or may not know that this weekend sees the final race in the Formula One calender and I am Formula One obsessed. This is made all the more exciting by the rare occurrence of four drivers still being in contention to win the World Championship. I support Red Bull Racing (now you see where RBR comes in), and most of all the divine creature that is their Australian driver Mark Webber. Now less of the talking and onto the pictures.

Formula 1 driver Mark Webber

Tall, dark, handsome, talented and with amazing bone structure, what's not to love? Definitely makes Formula One more watchable, even though he is sadly wearing a helmet for most of it!

As this post is about as random as it gets, here is another of my all time favourites:

Knut the baby polar bear

Yes, I love polar bears. One of main ambitions is to get to see them in the wild, something my very lucky brother has already done, and did not appreciate!

Apologies for the odd nature of this post but it's been a long day, I'm really tired and am a Formula One fanatic. I'm really hoping that Mark will win the championship this weekend, although I have a horrible feeling that there might be a replay of Turkey with both Red Bull drivers taking each other out. Getting nervous just thinking about it. Good luck Mark!

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow, and my Tom Ford lipstick giveaway will be launched on Monday, probably more exciting to most of you than F1.


  1. oohh I love F1, I love any sport really beit darts (ambition is to go to the Lakeside and cheer on Ted Hankey, I just love the drama of it) or the golf, snooker, you name it I can get into it. And isn't the track amazing at Dubai, when I saw it last year I was overawed. Don't think he will do it though Webber, I think sadly it will be Vettel. And the polar bear is just too cute. I random posts, it gives an insight into another facet of someone. Thanks for sharing. Jan x

  2. Hi Jan,
    So glad someone else loves F1! Was very sad about qualifying, Mark looked defeated already in his press interview. I couldn't stand Vettel last season and beginning of this year, particularly Turkey, but he's growing on me. I guess I have to realise he's only 23. So I'd prefer it to be him than Alonso but I think Mark might prefer it to be Alonso! I can still see at least two of the top five crashing out on the first lap. I don't know what I'm going to do until next March.

    I also love tennis and golf, would like to be able to play, but I have to make do with watching. Am a bit of a golf geek, (my walls are covered in photos of me with golfers, I am that sad), I live right beside some of the best links courses and the Open will be in my home town next summer, very exciting. Plus golf played a big role in deciding on university in St Andrews. I can never seem to support British players though in anything, always seems to be Germans, Australians or Argentinians, quite weird.

    I visited Bahrain and Abu Dhabi about a decade ago and it is totally unrecognisable now. Would love to see a Grand Prix there or in Singapore.

    Sorry this is more like an essay than a comment, hard to be succinct when you're passionate about something! X

  3. Ha you are talking my language! I would love to go to the Open, but I enjoy sitting at home too much and listening to Peter Allis. Yes I am not keen on Vettel but as OH pointed out he is a good driver. Know where you will be tomorrow ;-)
    Jan x

  4. Jan, unfortunately you were right in your prediction.

    Was so sad seeing Mark in his interview afterwards as he looked on the verge of tears. I think Vettel owes it to him as if he hadn't pitted early, neither would Alonso and then they wouldn't have got stuck in traffic. Hopefully he could win next year, but I fear he's lost his best chance.

    At least there's tennis on week after next to take my mind off it!