Wednesday, 17 November 2010

My Back To MAC Free Lipsticks

Left to right: MAC Midi-Mauve, MAC Pink Nouveau,
MAC Impassioned
I posted a few weeks ago about my MAC depotting experience and besides having a beautifully colourful palette, an added bonus was being able to trade in 6 empty (and somewhat burnt/melted) containers for a brand new lipstick. I think this is a great initiative so I turned up at my nearest MAC counter with a bag full of plastic and left with three great shades to play with.

My experience at MAC counters has never really been a good one, although years ago a lovely girl at the counter in Harvey Nichols, Edinburgh, spent over an hour with me and I was very impressed (I did reward her with a massive spend!). Sadly, that kind of service has never happened since I've been down south and I always feel awkward with MAC, like I'm not cool or edgy enough to be there. I tend to favour a slightly more subtle look than the counter girls so I don't really browse, just go in with a list or order online.

I digress.......

Knowing I could get three lipsticks I went trawling some of my favourite blogs to see which MAC lipsticks they favoured and take a look at some swatches. I ended up with a list of about ten shades (they never seem to have anything I want in stock, tried 5 times to get Ruby Woo, no joy), and then had the job of trying to request these from a very new member of staff. She clearly had no idea of the lipstick names and had difficulty understanding what I was saying, no idea why as I have a fairly traditional, non-regional accent, but the situation was not helped by Disney classics being blasted out of the speakers. The result was that I had to look in the drawers with her to find any lipsticks with a vague resemblance to my list. One was on it, the other two I picked up in desperation as I couldn't take it any more!

Here's what I ended up with:
  • Midi-mauve - lustre
  • Impassioned - amplified
  • Pink Nouveau - satin

Swatches left to right: Impassioned, Pink Nouveau, Midi-mauve
Impassioned was the one on my list and as I had been after it for a while, was thrilled they had it in stock. A very bright coral red, it is actually really wearable, even my mum liked it. Big praise. I was disappointed with Midi-mauve as I wanted more mauve (was thinking Nars Sex machine) and got more brown. However hard I look, I cannot see any mauve at all. I guess that is what comes from picking a lipstick on name alone. Lesson learned. Finally came Pink Nouveau, a cool toned pink, but it is a little chalky for my taste. Maybe I should have been more cautious when I learnt it was Lady Gaga's favourite!

So, a mixed bunch, but I can't really be disappointed when they were freebies. The one I actually paid for, Viva Glam Cyndi, I love so much I would have paid twice the price.

Anyone have any MAC lipsticks they can't live without so I can be more prepared next time I venture in?

MAC lipsticks are available from MAC counters nationwide and cost £12.50 each. The Back to MAC initiative is one new lipstick for every six empty MAC containers taken back to a counter. All ordinary lipsticks are included apart from the Viva Glam range.

Lord Alan Sugar - King of The Apprentice UK
Now it's Apprentice time. I wish the BBC would offer some kind of live streaming of the candidates on tasks, they must have so much more footage and it would be a lot more interesting than Big Brother. Is it just me that thinks Chris Bates (the blonde one) is hot? Could be the hormones talking. Looking back I think my last 3 boyfriends have looked like him, a pattern emerges! Anyway, he's my favourite to win since Paloma left, I liked her purely because she was by far the most elegant and her makeup was great. Any other Apprentice fans out there?

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