Monday, 29 November 2010

Monday Manicure: Job Interview Worthy Nails

For the first time in a couple of months, my nails are completely bare, with not even a coat of Nail Envy to protect them. So this week's Monday Manicure is over to you, hence the distinct lack of pictures.

I suddenly have to go to London on Friday for a very important career's event. It's not exactly a career's fair or Open Day, not exactly an interview, but could be a huge foot in the door in helping me take my next step in the legal field. Networking is key and as I am totally useless at self promotion and feel incredibly awkward at these kind of things, I am terrified.

It is being held at one of the UK's top commercial law firms so think London and corporate. In order to take my mind off about a hundred more important things, I am now worrying about what to do about my nails. I will try and put this slightly more into context so I don't sound too shallow.

On one of the legal career's websites, they regularly post articles on everything from interview technique to training etc. I remember reading one of these articles last year about how prospective candidates applying for training contracts should avoid French manicures specifically because they give the impression that they are dull and have no imagination.

So of course that begs the question what colour/type of nail varnish would give the right impression (the article didn't mention that!)? This is where my lovely readers come in as I would really appreciate some advice on the nail front. What colours do you wear in the work place? Any complete no no's? If you were interviewing someone what nail colour would you like to see them wearing?

To some this may sound so ridiculous it's not true, but firstly, it stops me worrying about more important things, and secondly, in a very competitive field, the little things count. Another article was giving advice on whether or not to accept complimentary hot drinks and biscuits before your interview. The answer was a definite no because they place the chocolate biscuits on the saucer, the heat melts the chocolate, you get it on your fingers and then get into an awkward situation when you have to shake hands with the interviewer. You see, the little things matter!

Hopefully if I get some good suggestions I will be able to post what I eventually choose on Thursday evening.


  1. Maybe gold (like chanel 440) or French manicure YSL (I mean gold and purple)... what do you think?

  2. I'm late, but I'm in the legal/financial field (did a law degree, then qualified as an accountant, and used both in my career). I've got to the stage where I can pretty much wear what I like ;) but to start I'd go for neutrals with a kick. Something like Particuliere or Paradoxal, or even the Khaki Rose.

  3. Hi Suzy, thanks for your suggestions. I would love to be able to wear the YSL purple and gold, but being quite lazy at heart it might be a bit time consuming (plus worried it might chip while I was away). The event was cancelled so I have until January now to make up my mind, but your comment has inspired me to dig out my Chanel Gold today, very festive. X

    Hi Grace,
    I can only dream of being in a position where I can wear what I like, this stage is so nerve racking! I had settled on Paradoxal before the event was cancelled so I may well stick with that, has the benefit of going with almost anything I wear. At least the snow delay gives me more time to forget about nails and do some proper research on law firms! Thanks for the advice X

  4. Oh, and goodness, never take biscuits/tea in interviews. Always just a glass of water so you can sip if your mouth dries/to give you a minute to think.