Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Monday Manicure - Dior Czarina Gold

Once again my Monday Manicure has been disrupted, this time by the World Tour Tennis Finals, so it is here on a Tuesday.

I have never used Dior Nail Polish before and probably never would have (I tend to stick to Chanel and OPI) if I hadn't seen Visionary Beauty's post on this very shade. Although it didn't come out how she expected, it peaked my interest enough to check it out in store. From the Holiday collection, it is a dark charcoal with gold shimmer shot through it, and this can almost make it appear a khaki/olive green. I thought it looked a bit like the eyeshadow Abyssinian Catbird from Rouge Bunny Rouge which a lot of people rave about.

I had a look through my current collection and I didn't have anything like it so I thought it might be worth spending on, but I was shocked when I realised it was more expensive than Chanel polish. The Dior is £18 for 10ml and Chanel is £16.50 for 13ml, I am amazed that something makes Chanel seem good value!

When I opened the bottle to use it, the first thing that struck me is what an odd shape the brush is, almost oval, a bit like an oar. I found it quite difficult to get to grips with this and I can't really see any benefit in having a brush like this, but I still managed to get a good finish with two coats. It dried very quickly and I finished with a coat of Nails Inc Caviar Top Coat (have given up with my Seche Vite, seems to have gone off).

2 coats applied + top coat (my hands look a
little greasy because I had just applied
cuticle oil)
When I had finished, I really liked the result. It is definitely a charcoal and not an olive green, but the gold shimmer is more visible than I had thought and that was what I wanted. However, I was not at all happy when after just half an hour, I got my first chip. For £18, I expected better, As this is the only Dior polish I have tried I don't know if this is representative of the whole range, but it has definitely put me off buying from them in the future. I love the colour and the finish but the wear is just not good enough.

Does anyone have any tips as to how to prevent Dior polish chipping so fast?

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