Monday, 8 November 2010

Monday Manicure: Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Pulsion

As promised, this week's manicure is all about Chanel. My mother kindly ventured out on Friday morning to pick me up a bottle of Pulsion, the latest offering from the Holiday 2010 Collection. I thought it was safer that I didn't see all the new products in person, would be disastrous for my finances.

Chanel Nail Colour in Pulsion £16.50 - photo taken outside in natural light

Pulsion is a vibrant, fuchsia pink. Although not a unique concept, the world is awash with pink creme nail polishes, it is a beautiful, rich shade and I for one always have room for another pink. I love something bright on my nails, especially if I am wearing black or grey as it adds a nice pop of colour. This shade is perfect for that and would also be fabulous on toes.

It is quite a bit deeper than Summer's Chanel pink, Riviera, and is a cooler tone. It is almost like a nail varnish version of Tom Ford's Pure Pink Lipstick, that's the easiest way to describe it.

2 coats of Pulsion applied + top coat - photo taken in artificial light

The above photo shows 2 coats of Pulsion applied to the nails with Seche Vite as a top coat. It applied like a dream and was opaque with just one coat. The first photo is a much better indication of the true colour of Pulsion as it was taken outdoors in natural light. The artificial light of the second photo washes out the colour a bit but I couldn't take any photos outside today due to rain, hail and thunder storms.

I have been rummaging through my nail polish stash to find similar shades to Pulsion and have come up with about ten, ranging from OPI to Nails Inc. As there are so many, I want to do a proper comparison for you with all the shades applied so that you can decide whether Chanel's Pulsion is worth £16.50. Weather dependant, that post will be up tomorrow evening.

Chanel Nail Colour in Pulsion - photo taken outdoors in natural light

If you love deep pinks like me (not a fan of baby pinks, it has to be bright), then Pulsion is a must, but if you are debating whether or not to get it, check out tomorrow's comparison post before heading to the shops.

Has anyone else been tempted by Chanel Holiday 2010 yet? My theory is that if I don't see it in person, I won't be so upset about missing out on most of it. That's the plan anyway..............


  1. You had me at 'a nail varnish version of Pure Pink.'

    Very interested in this collection!

  2. It looks lovely, I'm interested in what dupes you'll find. From the Chanel Holiday collection I especially like the look of this nail polish, the blusher and the liquid eyeshadow. I think I'll pass on the eyeshadow quad as it just seems too glittery to me.
    x Klara

  3. Pretty, pretty! Your nails are a lovely length too. I may have something close to this in my stash- perhaps one from Zoya. I will have to look and see. x jeanie

  4. HI Grace, I'm ashamed to say it 'had me at Chanel Limited Edition', I am that shallow!

    Hi Klara, best dupe I could find was OPI Pink Flamenco, although it is a touch lighter than Pulsion. I'm also liking the look of the blush and liquid shadow, I like the tweed blushers but I have so many pink Chanel blushers I don't know if I really need another. The eyeshadow quad I'll definitely be skipping though as it seems a bit samey, and am not a fan of glitter. X

    Hi Jeanie,
    It's weird with my nails as I used to bite them terribly when I was younger, then my dad bribed me with money to stop and they have grown so fast ever since! My problem though is hang nails, such a pain. Am sure you'll find you have a similar shade to Pulsion already, is what I would describe as a classic Barbie Pink.

  5. Revlon Sweet Tart is a close dupe too!!