Friday, 5 November 2010

Le Metier de Beaute Kaleidoscope Lip Kit - Initial Thoughts

Le Metier de Beaute Spring 2010 Kaleidoscope Lip Kit - £65
You already know by now that I love the brand etc etc, and I was really impressed by all the products I tried last week. However, the one I was a little bemused by was the Kaleidoscope Lip Kit. Firstly, although I love the concept for eyes, I could not see how it translated to lips. Secondly, £65 for four relatively small pans of lip gloss seemed very steep. For these reasons, it was not something that made it onto my Le Metier wish list, even though it is very pretty.

So now I hear you ask, why do I appear to have one?

Well, a good friend of mine who is not nearly so makeup obsessed as me heard me talking endlessly about the brand and she vaguely remembered she had a 'kaleidoscope thingy' kicking around at home. She'd got it as a gift from an ex, used it once and forgotten about it. As it had slipped her mind that it was my Birthday last week (impossible to forget hers as it is Christmas Eve), I found this on my doorstep yesterday. She thought I might have a better idea how to use it so now it's mine and I can post about it. A big thank you to her! In a way it seems more exciting to be writing and using something that I didn't buy and wouldn't have bought myself, more of a surprise.

Now onto the details. The packaging is the same as the eye kits except in silver, but I find this makes it feel a little cheap (well, cheaper than its £65 price tag) as you expect it to be metal and heavy when it's just plastic. The black packaging of the Eye Kaleidoscopes isn't so deceptive. There are four lip shades in the kit, starting with the lightest, a nude, at the top and the darkest, a shimmery rose at the bottom.

The first thing you notice when you open up the kit is the smell, it is divine, like the most heavenly vanilla. The lip products themselves feel just as good as they smell once applied, leaving the lip with a glossy sheen, the seemingly perfect disguise for dry wintry lips. So what is the problem?

I think it is that the four colours are not as vivid or individual as I expected. I was anticipating Tom Ford type shades in a collection for £65. What you actually get is four pretty nude and rose colours, nothing earth shattering, but wearable none the less. The thing I struggle with is the point of these being in a Kaleidoscope Kit. I am not alone in this as Mikey (the designer) said most customers are drawn to the eye kits but don't really understand how to use the lip kits. That's me. He used the kit on me in my makeover but I was so taken by the eyes he'd created  I'm ashamed to say I didn't pay as much attention as I should have!
Swatches: Left to right = top to bottom in the Kit
What I can remember is that these lip products are meant to be good for you. They are packed full of vitamins A, C and E and aim to feel lightweight but moisturising, to keep the lips smooth and supple. Mikey was keen to emphasise that 90% of what we put on our lips gets ingested (food for thought, no pun intended), and I can attest to the fact that these lip products are good enough to eat.

He used all four colours on my lips which surprised me as I would have ignored the top two, but this is all part of the layering technique to add dimension that is such a hit with the eyes. Even with four colours applied, the product did not feel heavy and for once, that evening I didn't have to reach for my collection of lip balms every few minutes (I have at least 4 balms residing at the bottom of every handbag).

When my mum saw me though, she didn't think I had anything on my lips at all, which could be a positive or a negative, depending on your preference for lip colours. I prefer mine to be a bit bolder just because I'm pale and it stops me looking too washed out. I do think these colours would be great in summer if you had a tan or against a darker skintone. Although not strictly a gloss or a lipstick, I think they lean towards the former. Whatever they are classed as, they definitely give the luminous finish their description promises. I might have bought the third colour, a natural rose, on its own but I can't see me wearing the two neutrals and that makes two shades incredibly expensive.

I'm thrilled and grateful that I am able to try the Lip kaleidoscope out and hopefully I'll use it this month and report back whether I would be prepared to spend £65 on another. At the moment I'm dubious, but if it helps my dry lips I'm open to persuasion!

Do any of you own this kit or understand the theory behind it better than me? Do you think £65 is too much to spend on a lip product? 

The Le Metier de beaute Spring 2010 Kaleidoscope Lip Kit is available from Liberty (although it's currently sold out online).


  1. I have to say, I like their sheer glosses in the tubes better. I don't much see the point of the lip kaleidoscopes myself, but like you, I'm not about nude lips.

  2. I too have pale lips, the colour leeches away the older one gets unfortunately, but all I want from a lip colour is a hint of colour,anything bolder on me looks to me as if I am trying too hard, because I need to wear a bit of makeup everywhere in order to look human. This is an interesting range and your thoughtful posts have piqued my interest. Thankyou. Jan x

  3. Hi Jennifer

    While I think that compact is pretty and the colors lovely- I am just not one for lip palettes. I just don't use them. I have one tube gloss from the line and it's nicely pigmented ( a plummy pink) and feels good on.
    Thanks for your photos- always so clear and impeccable. What camera do you use btw? x jeanie

  4. A further point that acts as a deterrent for me is the fact that this has zero portability. I always have with me at least two different lip products and reapply throughout the day. I know that this particular product is long-lasting, but my days tend to be rather long. There is now way I am going to carry around a Kaleidoscope I'm afraid...
    Nina x

  5. Hi Grace,
    I agree, I can't see myself ever layering four shades so I'd prefer just one or two tubes of gloss. I'm trying out a darker Le Metier gloss at the moment and it's definitely more my kind of thing.

    Hi Jan,
    I'm glad you are enjoying the Le Metier posts. Sometimes I worry I am going on about a particular brand too much but if I hadn't seen previous blog posts about it Iwould never have found it so I hope I can help spread the word X

    HI Jeanie,
    Having read your commment I looked through my makeup collection and am in double figures for lip palettes and yet they are all barely used! I think I'm drawn by the pretty look of them and forget practicality. I prefer just one lipstick or gloss that I can stick in my handbag.

    The camera I'm using is actually my dad's, a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ100 (means nothing to me!). He only got it about a month ago so we are trying to work out how to get the best from it together. I'm buying photography books and he's trying to make a DIY light box. Neither path is proving too successful, taking good photos is so much harder than I thought it would be! Glad you like them,
    Jennifer X

    Hi Nina,
    The kaleidoscope is quite bulky, I prefer just a single lipstick and some kind of lip balm in my handbag. I'd be fascinated to know how well the lip kaleidoscopes sell, especially in comparison to the eye kits. X

  6. It is nice when worn together and it is really moisturising but I don't think I would be tempted to by this for myself. I would much rather go for the face kit or another eye kit.

    I remember that you are always supposed to go from the bottom up with this Kaleidoscope. I hope you have fun playing with it!
    Jane x