Thursday, 11 November 2010

Hair Woes - I need your help!

So along with my usually clear skin, my hair has decided to play up as well since changing medication. Hair is not my forte and I freely admit that I am incredibly lazy with it and generally find it quite an inconvenience. I love makeup and skincare, but haircare, not so much.

In an ideal world, this is what my hair would look like, full and healthy as opposed to lank and flat.

This is why I'm hoping that some of the more hair savvy amongst you might be able to offer me some advice.

I have long, very fine, coloured dark brown hair. I don't blow dry it or use any electrical appliances on it so theoretically it shouldn't be in too bad condition. However, I haven't seen the inside of a hairdressers in over a year (for health reasons, honest!).

I would love to add more body to my hair but appreciate this can probably only be done with heat and time. My main concern is that in the last two months, it has got very lank and greasy. It can get like this if I use a heavy conditioner but now I'm skipping the conditioner completely and it still feels like product is left in the hair. Added to this, I am now getting painful and unsightly spots around my temples on my neck and back, where my hair falls, aren't I painting a pretty picture!

This is the style I resorted to last time I
had hair issues. Unfortunately mine never
looked this good!
Last time my hair got like this I took an extreme approach and cut it all off, sporting a nice pixi cut. It has taken until now for it to grow back and I'd quite like to keep the length this time.

I've done some brief research on some other beauty blogs and read a bit about SLS and I think my current problems seem to fit with using products containing SLS. I don't really know a lot about it but I'd like to try a range that is possibly SLS free. My main priority is to be able to wash my hair and for it to not be lank and feel like it still has product in it. Shine, volume etc would be just an added bonus.

So I hope this is where you come in. If anyone has had similar hair horror stories or knows about SLS, their effects and good products without them, or really any hair product you think could be a solution for me, I would love to know. I really want to make more of an effort with my hair and in it's current state it is both ugly and uncomfortable. Something has to change. Any suggestions will be gratefully received!


  1. Try the Louise Galvin range from Waitrose. The Liz Earle Shampoo and Conditioner are also very good at a similar price point. (£8ish each)

  2. Thanks Grace, I had the Liz Earle in mind after reading your review of it. Will have a look out for the Louise Galvin range X

  3. There may still be some Louise Galvin on the QVC website in the clearance section, and would second Liz Earle, but be careful about the type of conditioner you go for, I thought that having nearly waist length hair meant that I would need the dry and damaged and really that was far too rich for my hair. They are promoting a kit on QVC at the moment of 2x shampoo + 1x conditioner which at a quick reckoning is cheaper than on LE website even with the p+p. I do think though that sometimes you need to go with the natural texture of the hair and it maybe that if your hair is going through a thin phase it would be as well to loose some of the length, but as I am (almost) sitting on mine, I am aware that could sound a bit smug! Good luck. Jan x

  4. Hi

    I have hair similar to yours (though, mine is just at my shoulders)- I love WEN and cannot recommend it highly enough. I realize it's harder for you to get hold of it but maybe a friend could give you a hand. I just did a novel length post about WEN- I don't know if it would help but just throwing it out there.

    PS I'm on tons of meds for a chronic medical condition and my hair has never felt better since I started WEN. xoxoxo

  5. Hi Jan,
    Thanks so much for the tip about QVC. I have been trying to ween myself off it the last few months so I hadn't realised they had the Liz Earle Haircare. I have ordered the Oily Hair Kit so hopefully that will solve my hair woes. If not, the more I look at how great Emma Watson looks with her short crop, the more I am tempted to cut all mine off. If I'm brave enough I might post a pic of myself with short hair vs long hair and see what you guys think. X

    Hi Jeanie, thanks for your suggestion. I might have a look for WEN on eBay or wait till my brother next visits the US for work and send him with a shopping list.

    It's nice to know that your hair is looking good even with all the meds. Chronic medical conditions suck (for want of a better phrase). I can't believe how much it plus the meds has affected my hair and skin, my nails seem to be the only thing that have stayed the same! I'm going to start taking a load of supplements to see if that helps at all. X

  6. Just as a post script you can buy Wen in UK and Grace did a post on a haircare range a while back which wasn't Wen but she had tried it. Also if you google washing hair with just conditioner that has some amazing effects on hair, just need to make sure that the conditioner you use does not have any silicones in - often the cheaper ranges ie supermarket ranges are pretty good. Sorry to take over! Jan x