Sunday, 14 November 2010

Dior Minaudiere in Pink Golds - Swatches and Review

I am trying to write this as a distraction from the current Formula One race which is going on, I needed to do something otherwise I'll have no fingernails left in two hours time!

The moment I saw pictures of the Dior Minaudiere it was love at first sight, and my feelings only deepened when I saw it in person. I'll be clear, I was not in love with the products themselves, but the beautiful vintage compact that they come in. I would probably have bought it even if the colours were neons or if it was empty. I think the design is stunning and so that will probably bias this review.

The Minaudiere looks like a perfect mini clutch bag/evening purse with its embossed patent leather exterior and gold clasp detail. It closes with magnets, not the clasps themselves. It fits perfectly in my hand (I have small hands) and is around four inches wide and two and a half inches tall. Just looking at it transports me back to a more glamorous era.

Now onto the colours. The Minaudiere is available in two colour combinations, Grey Golds and Pink Golds. Each one has 3 eyeshadows and 2 lip glosses. I chose the Pink Golds as I preferred the eyeshadow shades and didn't think I would ever wear brown/gold lip glosses.

The eyeshadows are embossed with the hounds tooth pattern that appears on the outer leather and they are the perfect shades to create a smokey eye. There is a rich chocolate with a hint of plum and burgundy to it, a shimmery taupe and finally a light oyster pink, good as a highlighter. I'm not sure how much you'll be able to see of the latter shade because it has blended right into my skintone. The two lightest colours are very very shimmery, and they make the darker colour look almost matte in comparison. It's not, but it does have a lot less shimmer than the others and it did feel a little chalky and harder to apply when I swatched it.

I am not keen on the two lip glosses at all. In general I am not a massive fan of lip glosses but these have a lot of micro glitter in them, a big no no where I am concerned. In the swatches, you can  hardly see the colours of them, just the glitter. I suppose Dior are thinking it's Christmas and Christmas equals glitter, but I would have preferred at least one of the shades to be a more pigmented non glitter gloss. A nice touch is that the glosses are separated from the eyeshadows by a little metal door to ensure that both stay in pristine condition and that there is no mixing of products.

I'm sorry that I can't give you more information on how the products actually apply but this is meant to be a Christmas present. Boots had one of their special advantage card points evenings last week and as my mum was buying some crazily expensive blood pressure/breathing machine (not entirely sure what it does), she had enough points to get the Minaudiere for me. It took much persuasion to be allowed to see and swatch it, but I hope the pictures and swatches will give you an idea as to whether or not you think it is worth £59.

Swatches left to right: Eyeshadows from darkest to lightest, then the two lip glosses. Swatched in the order they are in the palette.
For me, I am pleased I have it because f the design but I don't think the products are worth £59. If the Holiday Eye Quints had been more to my liking, I would have preferred to save £20 and got one of them as the glosses in this kit are a total waste in my mind. However, I then wouldn't the stunning compact. What it comes down to really is style over substance.

Will any of you be adding this to your Christmas list?

The Dior Minaudiere is available nationwide for £59. If you want it, it might be worth waiting for one of the Boots Advantage Card Evenings where you get £12 worth of points for every £50 you spend.

Now back to the racing, and I think Mark Webber has blown his chances of being World Champion. He can only be saved by a crash and I'd feel bad if I wished for one, especially as Michael Schumacher had a very nasty one at the first corner.


  1. I've been eyeing this up for a while because I really really really like the shimmery purplish taupe (2nd colour)...however I don't think it's worth spending 70euros for just one little shade and the pretty packaging! I mean, yes, it's gorgeous and I'd love to have it in my possession but I do have to be sensible about things like these sometimes, right?? Thanks so much for the honest review, I'm sure you'll enjoy using it once you're actually "allowed" to use it :) xx

  2. Hi Anna, Thanks for commenting. I think if I had been buying it myself rather than getting it as a present, I wouldn't have bought it. I find the lip glosses let it down for me, I'd have preferred lipstick. Although, my philosophy is that Christmas and Birthday presents should be more frivolous items that you would never really buy yourself!The tapue is nice (my favourite in the set) but I'm sure you could find a dupe somewhere and save a lot of money X