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Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Pulsion - Potential Dupes

Pretty in Pink - My collection of pink polishes
This post is a day late as the weather was so foul yesterday it was impossible to get a decent photograph of anything, let alone the intricacies of nail varnish! This is unashamedly a picture heavy post as I've already talked about Chanel Pulsion, so this is just a comparison between that shade and an assortment from my collection.

From looking at the colours in the bottle, I thought I had found at least of couple of shades that could be dupes for the Chanel, but as usual, once on the nails this changed. None of the ten colours I tried was an exact match to Chanel Pulsion but the nearest was OPI's Pink Flamenco. It looks identical in the bottle but is a fraction lighter when applied to the nails.

I have applied the OPI Pink Flamenco on one hand and Chanel Pulsion on the other to give you a direct comparison. I would have been all day if I had tried to do this with all the other colours so they only got one nail each. Hopefully this should still give you a good idea of the variation in the shades.

The colours I compared to Pulsion (Neutral Fuchsia Pink Creme) are:
  • OPI Pink Flamenco - a fraction lighter but the closest match out of those tested
  • Nars Schiap - a little lighter but very similar in shade and finish
  • Chanel Rivera - more of a baby pink than the fuchsia of Pulsion
  • Chanel Cassis - more purple to it and a jelly finish (I hope jelly is known nail term otherwise I'll feel very stupid!)
  • Chanel Cherry - more red to it and a jelly finish
  • Leighton Denny Glamourpuss - similar tone but with shimmer
  • Leighton Denny She's in Fashion - more purple to it
  • Nails Inc Sloane Ave - lighter and warmer
  • OPI Dim Sum Plum - more purple
  • OPI Ate Berries in the Canaries - more purple

    Left to right: Chanel Cassis, Chanel Pulsion, Chanel Cherry
    Left to right: Chanel Riviera, Chanel Pulsion
    Left to right: Nails Inc Sloane Ave, Chanel Pulsion, Nars Schiap
    Left to right: Leighton Denny Glamourpuss, Chanel Pulsion, Leighton Denny She's On Fashion
    Left to right: OPI Dim Sum Plum, Chanel Pulsion, OPI Ate Berries in the Canaries
    Left to right: OPI Pink Flamenco, Chanel Pulsion
Now you've seen the colours in the bottles, here they are on my nails (excuse the slightly haphazard application, was a rushed paint job):

Bottom hand: Chanel Pulsion. Top Hand: thumb - OPI Ate Berries in the Canaries, index - Leighton Denny Glamourpuss, Middle - Nars Schiap, Ring - Nails Inc Sloane Ave, Little - OPI Dim Sum Plum

Same as above

Bottom Hand: Chanel Pulsion, Top Hand: Index - Chanel Cassis, Middle - Chanel Riviera, Ring - Chanel Cherry, Little - Leighton Denny She's In Fashion
2 coats of Chanel Pulsion applied + top coat
2 coats of OPI Pink Flamenco applied + top coat
Left hand - OPI Pink Flamenco, Right hand - Chanel Pulsion, Can you spot the difference?
Bottom hand: Chanel Pulsion, Top hand: OPI Pink Flamenco
So there we have it, a quick run through of a range of pink nail polishes. Most either have too much purple in them to be a Pulsion dupe or are slightly too light, particularly Chanel Riviera (a surprise as I wore this all summer and to me it seemed quite bright, but it pales in comparison to Pulsion). OPI Pink Flamenco is the nearest to Pulsion, but is still at least a shade lighter when worn on the nails.

Does anyone else like a bit of Barbie pink on their nails? If you already have Pulsion, are there any other similar shades that I have missed out? Even though you can see from this post that I have many similar shades, I'm still glad I got Pulsion. it is different enough to make a pink fan like me happy and will be brightening up my nails throughout winter.

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  1. Hello! I enjoyed this post - thank you for the helpful swatches!

    Could you tell me which of those colors is a dupe for Chanel Cassis? I am searching for one... would OPI Berries in the Canaries or the Leighton Denny polish be dupes? Thank you so much for your help!