Saturday, 20 November 2010

Beauty Gadgets: Are they worth the money?

Until recently, the only beauty gadget that has been faithfully by my side for years is my pair of Shu Uemura eyelash curlers. I played around with cheaper versions at first (the supposed curl was more like a right angle) and then tried heated ones (the batteries died within days). Now I get by with my Shus and blast them for a few seconds with a hairdryer if I feel the need. Works a treat.

However, in the last year a number of expensive beauty gadgets have flooded the market, claiming that they will revolutionize our current routines. The two that have caught my eye are the Clarisonic and various IPL hair removal devices.

The Clarisonic was once only available at Space NK but this year was launched at QVC, costing £150. It is a revolutionary cleansing device, promising a much deeper clean that helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores. It is also said to leave skin so clean that it absorbs serums and moisturisers much better. I consider cleansing a fundamental part of my skincare regime and have used Eve Lom and a muslin cloth for many years, so the question is does the Clarisonic live up to its claims and even if it does, is it worth £150?

Hair removal is something all women unfortunately have to battle with and I have tired shaving, waxing and epilators. All have their drawbacks. IPL devices offer a permanent solution and the thought of never having to worry about regrowth again is an appealing one. I've read a few reviews of both the Philips and the Boots versions and I'm impressed by the results users say they've experienced. With the Philips Lumea at nearly £400, this could be a very expensive mistake if it doesn't live up to its promises.

The Clarisonic - £150 from QVC

I've picked just two items out of many. There are hairdryers for £125, acne treatment systems for £130, where does it end?

Do you think this new generation of beauty gadgets are worth such high prices? Will the trusty razor and flannel become obsolete?

Yesterday I took advantage of a QVC Easy Pay code and their extended returns period to give the Clarisonic a try for a few months (I'll keep you posted on my experiences with it), but if I hadn't had the possibility of returning it, I doubt I would ever have spent that much on a gadget.

Are there any beauty gadgets that you can't live without?


  1. I'll stay tuned as I'd love to read your review on the clarisonic. I'd love to try it...

  2. I can't go w/o my Clarisonic Mia, my skin is much cleaner and my pores appear less enlarged when I use it faithfully.

    If you get the Clarisonic try the Mia first (it's exactly the same as the larger one- I've had both and prefer the smaller Mia).

    I love my Shiseido e/l curler! I tried the Shu but it pinches- the Kevyn Aucoin is wonderful too but rather hard to find. x jeanie

  3. I would love to try the Clarisonic, but for the moment I think it's too expensive (although I might get it the next time SpaceNK has a sale).
    The beauty gadget that I really love is my Philips ionic hairdryer - it really makes the drying time much shorter and my hair shinier.

  4. Hi Beauty Addict, thanks for commenting, I'll definitely be posting at regular intervals to say how I'm finding it.

    Hi Jeanie, so glad you think the Clarisonic is a worthwhile product. I'm hoping it will work miracles for my very rebellious skin. I have ordered the ordinary one I think (QVC only had one type), but I hear you can get a body attachment for one which sounds interesting. Does the Mia have that?

    My best friend at school used to tease me mercilessly for using eyelash curlers, she thought they were a torture device. Then I managed to convert her!

    Jennifer X

    Hi Klara,
    Did you have a good time in London? I hope the weather wasn't too bad and that you got to see everything you wanted. I do think the Clarisonic is very expensive, but with the QVC deal I only part with £50 the first month so I can tr it and see if I think it is worth the rest, if not I'll return it. I'll have a look at the hairdryer. Did you pick up anything beautywise in London? Jennifer X

  5. Hi Jennifer,

    Thank you, I had a great time in London and the weather was surprisingly ok, we saw everything we planned and I bought some great products as well (one of them being MAC Viva Glam Cyndi - your positive review was also one of the reasons for this lippie so thank you). I also got some products by Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown and Clarins.
    I'm really looking forward to reading how you'll get on with the Clarisonic.
    x Klara