Monday, 22 November 2010

All I want for Christmas - How do you decide?

There is no avoiding it, Christmas is coming, and with that is the inevitable Christmas shopping.

I spent most of Friday afternoon in front of the computer actually ordering my own Christmas presents. No, not presents for other people, for me. This year my family decided that it would be better for me to get what I actually want and they doubted their technological skills would be up to using the right discounts on the right websites to get the best deals on my beauty list. So by Friday afternoon, Space NK, Zuneta and HMV orders placed, my Christmas is complete. Now I just have the rest of my family and friends to sort out. If they provided such comprehensive lists or had blogs on which they dropped huge hints about presents, it would make it a much easier task.

This got me thinking, how do you go about ensuring you get the presents you want without ruining the surprise that is such a fun part of Christmas? Now I know exactly what I am getting, there is no sense of anticipation. This is preferable to opening the umpteenth pair of socks and feigning a look of shocked delight, but there must be a better way.

I know that it is the thought that counts and I am grateful if anyone buys me a present, but 'gifting' can become a nightmare for both parties. If I am going to spend money on a present for someone, I would much rather spend it on something that they really want and will appreciate, as opposed to an item that will be shoved to the back of the wardrobe, sold on eBay or donated as a prize for next year's Christmas raffle (I might be guilty of all three of these).

On the subject of Christmas presents, here are a few that would look great under any tree (you'll be able to tell I have a huge weakness for films, Lola Rose and of course beauty products):
  • Chantecaille Les Macarons Palette - £63
  • YSL Touch D'or - £28
  • Laura Mercier Eye Colour Sampler Palette - £35
  • Tom Ford Black Orchid Makeup & Fragrance Coffret - £90
  • Shu Uemura Bowwow Magic Queen Palette - £39
  • Inception on BluRay - £18
  • Eclipse on BluRay - £18
  • Anything from Lanvin for H&M
  • Lola Rose Lana Necklace - £90
  • Lola Rose Jenny Necklace - £85
  • Becca Beach Tint Trio Collection - £44
What will you be hoping to find under the tree this Christmas? Have you ever got something you loved on Christmas Day that was a total surprise? I think the last time that happened to me was in 1990 when I woke up to find a huge Georgian Dolls House at the foot of my bed, I still have it somewhere.

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