Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Vampire Diaries & MAC rant

This is slightly more random post than usual but allow me to indulge.

I thought I had avoided the 9am mayhem that is sure to feature at MAC counters across the country on Thursday having put in my Venomous Villains order online. I got all the items I wanted, paid, had confirmation, all was well with the world.

Today I get an email saying by the time my order was processed there was no stock left in the warehouse of two of the products I really wanted. I am annoyed. I can't decide whether to try the store on Thursday or not. Are the products really worth it I ask myself? The logical part of me says no, but my more shallow and materialistic side says yes. I know I'll probably really regret it if I don't get the items I want so it looks like Thursday will be a day devoted to MAC.

The Vampire Diaries Stefan & Damon
 Luckily, to curb my makeup rage, two of my favourite TV shows are back on tonight, Vampire Diaries and Fringe. It is crazy that we have to wait so long for season three of True Blood to air here in the UK so Vampire Diaries is filling the void. I swear more happens in one episode of that show than in one season of most others. Perfect escapism for a Tuesday night. Fringe on the hand, I have to pay more attention to.

The important question though is Stefan or Damon? If you watch the show you'll understand this dilemma. For me it was Stefan all the way last season but Damon is now in the lead. I couldn't stand Ian Somerhalder (apparently he auditioned for True Blood) in Lost but he has really come into his own in this role. To complicate things further, who steals your heart out of the Salvatore brothers, Eric in True Blood and Twilight's Edward? Would make a tough snog, marry, avoid.
Alexander Skarsgard - Eric from True Blood
I'm really hoping that some of you reading this have a clue what I am talking about otherwise I will feel very foolish! I grew up with Buffy the Vampire Slayer so can't help but have a soft spot for all things vampire. Makes me feel like a teenager! Also, I couldn't miss an opportunity to post some lovely pictures of Alexander Skarsgard.

Who is your favourite vampire and has anyone else had any problems with ordering from MAC online?


  1. Oh no...not you too! :( I've not had problems myself with my MAC order but I've heard a few people say that the same thing has happened to them! BOOOOO MAC!!!

    I'm pretty old school when it comes to vampires...my favourite has (and always will be) David (Keifer Sutherland) in The Lost Boys! :)

  2. Hi Ms Wedgie, is it slightly mean of me to feel a bit better that others have also had their MAC orders messed up? At least it is not just me. Thankfully, I rang my local MAC counter and they agreed to put aside the products I missed out on, so should be picking them up tomorrow.

    Never seen The Lost Boys, but I think I could never imagine Keifer Sutherland as anything other than Jack Bauer! I still find it weird seeing David Boreanaz in Bones, as he will always be Angel, I guess it depends what you saw them in first. Have you seen any of Vampire Diaries or True Blood? X