Thursday, 7 October 2010

Some recent skincare disappointments - Decleor & Elemis

Elemis Pro-Intense Eye & Lip
Contour Cream - £57 for 15ml
I hate to really slate products as I realise that what doesn't work for me could be a miracle product for someone else, but as I am still annoyed about the mess up with my MAC order, I thought this is as good a time as any to name and shame two products that have recently disappointed.

The two culprits are Elemis Pro-Intense Eye & Lip Contour Cream and Decleor Excellence de L'Age Neck & Decollete Concentrate, both considerably expensive. If they had been your average drug store or supermarket fare, I doubt I would be complaining, I would just put it down to experience. However, when both items were launched with much fanfare in the last year, my expectations were high.

I'll start with Elemis. This rich eye and lip cream claims 'thin, dry skin around the eyes and vertical lips lines appear firmer, plumper and redensified'. I have been using this cream twice a day on two specific lines underneath my eyes, one on each side. The lines are quite deep and i really wanted to plump them up and hide their appearance. I thought this would be the perfect product but it did absolutely nothing.

It was thicker than other eye creams I have used but it didn't make my eyes puffy at all. My usual concern with my eye area is dark circles, but with this product I was aiming at lines (Elemis makes a special serum for dark circles). Using a new product targeted just at plumping lines, I thought there would at least be a slight visible difference. I was wrong. One month on and there is no difference at all. For £57, I find this unacceptable and unfortunately cannot recommend it to anyone. Maybe it would work better on an older skin, but at this price it is not worth the risk.

Decleor Excellence de L'Age Neck & Decollete Concentrate
RRP £56.50 for 50ml
Apart from under my eyes, my other big problem area is my neck and decollete. My necklace lines and those lovely vertical lines you tend to get at an older age (not 25) on your decollete when you wake up in the morning, are totally self-inflicted. I used sunbeds for two years in my late teens and am now starting to see the results.

When Decleor launched their new neck concentrate I thought it would be just the thing. It smelt and felt divine and again, I used it twice a day for over a month. It did make the skin much softer, so at least that is something, but it had zero effect on my lines. I don't have a problem with crepey skin, it is just lines, so it might help others seeking for general improvement of the skin condition. For me though, softer skin, although pleasant, did nothing to disguise my lines.

The other issue I had with this product is that it often did not sink into the skin. I would apply it and then later when I touched my neck the product would almost flake/rub off. Not pretty. I am unsure if this means that it was too rich for me or if others have also experienced this, but I felt that a lot of the product was being wasted and sitting on the surface of the skin.

At £56.50, this is an expensive product that although nice in texture, does not deliver the anti-aging results it promises. It also runs out very quickly so again I cannot recommend it. I have read a lot of good reviews about it, hence the purchase, but I sense it could be a case of the Emperor's New Clothes, no one wants to admit that the visible results just don't exist after paying out such a sum of money.

So, two let downs in one month, you live and learn. I do use products by both Decleor and Elemis that I rate very highly so I do like both brands, but these two did not live up to the hype surrounding their launches.

If anyone has had a better experience with these products or knows of a good neck cream for lines that really works, do let me know. I'm getting desperate!


  1. For eyes, Sarah Chapman Eye Recovery (I think that's the name, it's her eye stuff, anyway) - I've sworn by this for two years now.

    For neck, I'd go for the Emma Hardie night cream. It's £50, but for 100ml, and the larger size is specifically designed to be taken right down to the decolletage. I haven't bought this myself yet, but it's next on my night cream list.

    For my neck, I find the biggest difference is made by taking all my skincare right down to my decolletage, including my day cream with spf. If it's any consolation, I think longer necks are more prone to those lines, and nothing will completely get rid of them. The Decleor sounds like it has a surface tightening ingredient (a bit like egg white) which might account for that filmy feeling (I don't like that either).

  2. Hi Grace,
    Thanks for the recommendations. I have been thinking about the Sarah Chapman for a while as I already have her cleanser and overnight facial, impressed by both. It will definitely be the next eye cream I try. Heard good things about Emma Hardie too so will look into that.

    I think I have such unrealistic expectations though that no one product will ever suffice!