Thursday, 28 October 2010

My attempt at depotting MAC eyeshadows.......and setting off the smoke alarm

The remainder of my 'Dark Side' posts have not been forgotten, I just got a bit distracted after buying my first ever MAC Pro Eyeshadow Palette, the 15 pan one. I have been meaning to do this for years as I never use my MAC shadows as I can't see them, they have been hidden in an old shoe box on a book shelf for a long time, too long.

As you can see from the picture below, the eyeshadows are all on the bright side as I bought them as a student, when it was far easier to get away with those kind of looks. At my university people were constantly walking around in either pyjamas, togas and any other kind of fancy dress that took their fancy so a very bright eyeshadow was tame in comparison.

After I got my palette home, I had a look on YouTube for guidance on how to de-pot my eyeshadows and was a little concerned when I realised it concerned heat. In my naivety, I just imagined that they would conveniently slot out and fit into place. I was wrong.

I sourced candle, matches, Biro, tongs, knives and a towel from around the house and set to work melting the adhesive and a lot of the plastic (not sure if the last part was meant to happen). I sat diligently in the kitchen bent over the candle when my mother walked in laughing hysterically. I think she thought I was performing some kind of bizarre pagan ritual (we are near Halloween after all). I explained the seriousness of my task and she laughed some more.

When one of my eyeshadows caught fire and set of the smoke alarm she was no longer laughing.

Below are the results and although you can see that a few chunks came out of some colours, overall I was pretty pleased with the results. I now have a beautiful multicoloured palette, although whether this encourages me to use the shadows remains to be seen.

Left to right
Top Row: Beauty Marked (velvet), Black Tied (Velvet), Patina (Frost), Flashtrack (Veluxe Pearl), Humid (Frost)
Middle Row: Plum Dressing (Veluxe Pearl), Idol Eyes (Lustre), Honey Lust (Lustre), Freshwater (Veluxe Pearl), Bitter (Velvet)
Bottom Row: Sweet Lust (Lustre), Forgery (Lustre), Grain (Satin), Parrot (Frost), Silly Goose (Veluxe)

I'm off to London this afternoon for the first time in over 3 years and heading straight for Selfridges beauty hall. I haven't been near a London department store for even longer so I'll be like a kid in a sweet shop, albeit a kid with no money. At least it gives me a chance to swatch, particularly foundations, so I can buy online at a later date. Part of me is terrified though as beauty counters scare me at the best of times, let alone having one of them make me over. I'm worried that due to my health I won't even get to London and my mind runs wild thinking of all manner of things that could go wrong. Will the beauty people recoil at my oily skin, should I wear makeup on the way, what if I collapse on the train, I think you get the idea.

This sounds very melodramatic but I have been practically housebound for 3 years so London is a daunting prospect. If all goes to plan though I will hopefully have some pictures and info for some future posts, especially on Le Metier de Beaute, so I'll try to get it up as soon as possible on my return.

If anyone would like to see swatches of the MAC eyeshadows, just let me know.


  1. I think *the fear* of the beauty counter is shared among the many. Jane at Modesty Brown did a great post a couple of months back. I feel your fear, I only go to makeup counters to get a better idea of the colour and then scuttle back to the safety of the internet. Good luck. Jan x

  2. Lol...I loved the description of your mother's reactions! Well worth it though, this is a very nice looking palette.
    I hope you had great fun yesterday in Selfridges, I was actually there myself at around 1pm and had a nice chat with the people at the Le Metier counter.
    Have a great weekend Jenifer!
    Nina x

  3. Hi Nina, I must have just missed you in Selfridges! Had a great time and have so many new products (went a little crazy let loose in the beauty hall)that I don't know where to start! Did you pick anything up or were you just browsing?

    The depotting was definitely worth it when I realised I had enough empty eyeshadows to claim 3 new lipsticks of my choice! Am going to attempt my blushers next.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Jennifer X

    Hi Jan, so glad that you could relate to my 'fear', makes me feel a little less embarassed about it. At Le Metier de Beaute they were lovely, but I wanted to try some Jo Malone fragrances and gave it a wide birth in the end as there were five staff eyeing me like prey and no other people around. I wish stores and brands would realise that so many potential customers are put off by this kind of thing. I don't know what I would do now without the internet! Jennifer X