Monday, 18 October 2010

Monday Manicure - MAC Mean & Green from Venomous Villains

MAC Mean & Green
Mean and Green is the final colour from the trio of nail polishes recently released with the MAC Venomous Villains Collection. It has the same duo chrome finish as the others with micro glitter shot through it. The colour is quite hard to describe as although it looks similar to Bad Fairy in the bottle, it is not at all when applied. The base tone is a dark green/brown and the shimmer is mauve/pink in some lights and golden green in others.

One coat looks absolutely horrid, but with three coats I got a good opaque finish. Drying time was also very quick but that might be down to using Seche Vite top coat. Overall I am very impressed with the quality of these MAC polishes. The only complaint I have is that the brush of Mean and Green has a couple of bristles that are stuck out and could easily ruin a manicure. Hopefully they will be easy to cut off.

In the photos, which were all taken in artificial light, I have tried to show you the different colours in the polish and how it compares to Bad Fairy. With the colours applied side by side you can see clearly the differences and also how well the polishes last. I've been wearing Bad Fairy for over a week now and am fairly impressed at its staying power. I have been doing a lot of craft work this week, involving much double sided tape and sticky foam, neither of which is ideal for painted nails, but still no chips.

MAC Mean & Green - £8

Left: Bad Fairy, Right: Mean & Green

3 coats Mean & Green applied + top coat

3 coats Mean & Green + top coat applied

After being disappointed with Bad Fairy, too bright and wrong colour for my taste, I was concerned about Mean & Green. Seeing it on the nails though it is a lot more subdued than Bad Fairy and I can see myself wearing it again. I love Formidable, Mean & Green is a nice colour for a change but Bad Fairy will be relegated to the very back of my nail varnish drawer.

I admit that I bought these polishes because I was under the spell of the Disney hype, I love Disney as it reminds me of my childhood (they would release a classic every year in October, so I used to see it on my birthday when I was young). I never normally buy MAC polishes and I doubt I would have normally bought Bad Fairy and Mean & Green as shades if they had been part of the ordinary line. However, I am impressed with the quality for £8 a bottle when compared to Chanel & OPI (OPI is around £10 a bottle here in the UK) and would buy MAC nail varnish again.

Top hand: Mean & Green, Bottom hand: Bad Fairy

Top hand: Mean & Green, bottom hand: Bad Fairy

I think that Mean & Green is sold out but other bloggers swear that Orly Space Cadet is a dupe of it. I can't really say as I have never heard of Orly before, let alone seen the shade in question, but Grace at reviewed the Orly colour herself so you can compare the two if interested. For those in the UK, I think you can find Orly on eBay through cheap American sellers.

Which of the three Venomous Villains shades are your favourites? Do you think the colours MAC chose are the best to represent the Disney villains or is there another colour you would love to have seen in the collection? For Maleficent, I would have liked a really dark purple with shimmer and I was surprised not to see a red for Cruella or the Evil Queen.


  1. Hello Luvvie!
    What a pretty colour...I bought Formidable myself, but I have only been admiring it in the bottle so far. I am absolutely hopeless with manicures and feel a bit intimidated by it lol...all three releases were gorgeous in my opinion.
    Have a very nice day.

  2. Hi Nina,
    Thanks for commenting. So glad you bought Formidable, it is by far my favourite out of the three. I am not great at applying nail polish but those nail remover pens are now my best friend! Makes it so much easier to get a good finish.

    Did you get any other products from Venomous Villains?


  3. Hi jennifer

    I have Orly Space Cadet but haven't had a chance to use it. I like Formidable the best of the three you have featured. I passed on the entire collection (I have a little regret) but there are so many lovely lacquers out there right now :) I did get the entire OPI Burlesque collection to play with - they will keep me busy for a few days *winks*

    thanks for the lovely post


  4. Hi Jeanie,
    I'm so jealous you have the whole Burlesque Collection! Do you like it? I got the whole of the Swiss but it is so expensive here, I think twice the US price. QVC UK have an OPI TSV tomorrow with three of the burlesque shades in it so I am very tempted to get it. Which are your favorites?

    Mean & Green is definitely growing on me the more I have it on so I think you'll like Space Cadet. Looks a lot better on the nails.

    Jennifer X