Friday, 8 October 2010

MAC Venomous Villains - My Picks

My Venomous Villains Haul

So Thursday 7th October finally came, the launch of Mac's Venomous Villains Collection. I am not really one for MAC limited editions and haven't bought anything from MAC in over a year, but this caught my eye. It has been hard to miss it on the beauty blogs and although I felt the packaging was on the tacky side, I ended up with a list, make that a big list, of products I wanted to try.

Topping the list were the beauty powders as I have fair skin so they work as blushers, but I tried to get a good selection of products and villains!

The whole collaboration is split into four mini collections, each representing a specific Disney Villain. Although I bought products from all four, the shadesticks and nail varnishes had the normal packaging so you would never know they were from this range.

Malificent was the collection that jumped out at me as I love purples and cool pinks. Products from this sold out the fastest and I can see why. I ordered some of my items online but due to a mess up with my order, I had go in store to get the ones MAC couldn't supply me with. This proved to be a big mistake as once I saw the products in person and swatched them, my wishlist grew! I am now broke for the next few months and will be living on baked beans. At least my waistline will thank me.

I'll start with the two Mineralize Eyeshadow Duos. I used to buy quite a lot of these as a student and use them as liners but I was a bit put off by them being so very powdery. However, the mix of colours of both My Dark Magic and She Who Dares were irresistible.

Left to right: She Who Dares, My Dark Magic

Both eyeshadows have one larger section of colour and one smaller section. For She Who Dares, the colours are an intoxicating light navy blue and olive green, both with glitter. For My Dark Magic, the colours are a cool toned cerise pink and vivid purple shimmer.

Applied dry, both eyeshadow duos are extremely disappointing as they as so powdery and all you get is some glitter and a wash of sludge. When applied wet though these colours really come into their own, becoming jewelled beauties. The difference is very clear in the photos.

Left to right: She Who Dares applied wet, applied dry, applied wet, applied dry

Left to right: My Dark Magic applied dry, applied, wet, applied dry, applied wet

Maleficant was the only collection to include nail varnishes. I swear I was a magpie in a former life as I have an instinctivel attraction to all thinks shiny/sparkly, so I had to buy all three. Swatches of each colour will come in a later post as I want to give them the full coverage they deserve!

Left to right: Bad Fairy, Formidable and Mean & Green
The Briar Rose beauty powder was the main item I had tried to order online and a day later I was emailed by MAC saying when the order got to the warehouse, there was no stock left. Luckily, I rang my local MAC counter and they put it by for me. I am so grateful as I love the colour, a very cool pink. Some people may think Briar Rose is too similar to Oh So Fair to justify owning both, but in person there are clear differences. Briar Rose is a blue toned pink while Oh So Fair is slightly warmer and although pink, has hints of coral in it.

Some customers at the counter were asking about the differences between the beauty powders and blushes, to me there is none. The colours of the beauty powders are so vivid I think they would still be apparent on darker skins than mine. The MUA said the beauty powders were to be used all over the face but admitted she didn't think this was at all advisable with these shades!

Left to right: Beauty Powder in Oh So Fair, Beauty Powder in Briar Rose

Left to right: Beauty Powder in Oh So Fair, Beauty Powder in Briar Rose
I found it quite hard to show Briar Rose on its own on my arm so I have swatched it next to Oh So Fair and Bite Of An Apple Blush so you can see the difference in the depth of colour between the beauty powders and blushers.

Left to right: Briar Rose, Oh So Fair, Bite of an Apple
For my final Maleficant pick, I decided to go out of my comfort zone and try the lipstick in Dark Deed. It looks scarily dark and I almost didn't swatch it, but I'm glad I did as it turned into a gorgeous plummy burgundy with a hint of brown. The texture is also good, quite creamy and a little on the sheer side. It is an amplified lipstick.

 It is the first very dark lipstick I have ever bought and I thought it would help me decide whether or not to splash out on the darker shades of the Tom Ford range.

When I first applied it to the lips I thought I'd made a big mistake, it looked awful. I tried again, this time using lip liner and a lip brush and I was very impressed with the result, I actually looked sexy (quite a feat when wearing pyjamas and a university hoodie), a la Megan Fox! I had no makeup on other than the lipstick and my mum commented on how nice I looked (something almost unheard of!). It is definitely worth a try if you are near a counter as dark lips are huge this season and it is a nice way to dip into the trend.

Left to right: lipstick in Innocence Beware and Dark Deed

Left to right: Lipstick swatches in Innocence Beware and Dark Deed
Cruella de Vil
This collection was a little on the warm side for me so the only product I bought was a lipstick, Cremesheen in Innocence Beware. It is a lovely peachy nude, reminding me of a much more wearable Freckletone. It doesn't contain a lot of brown like many nudes have a tendency to do. For swatches, see the photos above with Dark Deed. I was very impressed with the quality of both the lipsticks I got and definitely have my eye on more. I only skipped on Heartless, a neutral Cruella Red so I could afford Dark Deed. Maleficent's Violetta is also calling me though I am unsure as to whether it would ever be seen out of the house.

Left to right: Innocence Beware, Dark Deed

The Evil Queen
In case you didn't already know, the Evil Queen is from Snow White. The collection is mix of purples and lilacs for eyes and corals on the cheeks and lips. I chose Oh So Fair Beauty Powder and Bite of an Apple Blush. As I mentioned in the Maleficent section, Oh So Fair is a light peachy pink, a very wearable colour. The blush is matte and a lot more intense. It is a reddy coral and I would imagine looks stunning on darker skins. I decided to be brave and just use it for a pop of colour of the beauty powder and I'm pleased with the look on my very pale skin. The swatches of the blush and beauty powder are in the Maleficent section.

I was tempted by the lipstick from this section called Toxic Tale, a similar shade to the blush, a deep matte coral with red tones to it. When I swatched it though it reminded me a lot of Revlon's Matte Lipstick in Strawberry Suede that I already own (post coming soon). Both are highly pigmented and I thought they were too similar to buy Toxic Tale. So if you wanted it and were upset that it is sold out, check out the Revlon lipstick.

Left to right: Beauty Powder in Oh So Fair, Beauty Powder in Briar Rose

Blush in Bite of an Apple

Dr Facilier
For me, this was the least appealing of the villains as I think it is better suited to warmer skintones. I did pick up both the greasepaint sticks though as I had missed out on them before and was quite intrigued to see what they were like. The two shades are French Quarter, a dirty dark taupe with gold flecks, and Slick Black, as the name suggests, a true black.

Top: Greasepaint Stick in French Quarter, Bottom: Greasepaint Stick in Slick Black

Top to bottom: French Quarter, Slick Black

Left to right: French Quarter, Slick Black
Overall, I am delighted with each and every item I bought from the Venomous Villains Collection. The only let down was the packaging. The outer cardboard images (hand drawn sketches of the characters) were far more my style than the comic book pictures used on the products. I suppose they used the full colour images to show the inspiration for the shades in each part of the collection, but I would have thought they could have gone for a slightly more grown up vibe. I think the packaging will have isolated a lot of customers from what is great makeup.

Although I have bypassed MAC for quite a while in favour of other brands, it is had definitely reminded me how good the colour selection and quality of a lot of MAC products and I won't leave it so long next time before a visit to the counter.

  • Lipstick - £13
  • Nail Varnish - £8
  • Beauty Powder - £20.50
  • Blush - £17
  • Greasepaint Stick - £13.50
  • Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo - £16
Did anyone else pick up anything from this collection? I'd love to know what you bought or what you decided to skip on.


  1. WOW!!! That is one hell of an awesome haul! I was reall excited about getting the beauty powders...I couldn't decide which one I liked the best so I got all of them (not looking forward to seeing my credit card bill...eeeek). I also got Dark Deed as well and just like you missed out on Heartless to get it. It is really scary at first but I've been dabbing it on with a finger for a more day time look to get myself used to wearing such a dark colour! :)

  2. So glad you got Dark Deed as well, I'd never tried the beauty powders before and am very impressed, just like a normal blush on my skin tone.

    MUA Lisa Eldridge released a new video today all about how to wear dark lipsticks,so I'm even happier I went for the dark over the traditional red. She shows some other great darks shades at more reasonable prices, Rimmel & 17, good when we've spent too much on MAC!