Monday, 11 October 2010

A lipstick to rival Tom Ford? For £7.29?

Welcome to Revlon Matte Lipsticks!

Revlon Matte Lipsticks - £7.29

Tom Ford Private Blend Lipsticks - £35
Now don't get too excited, they don't come in fancy white & gold packaging, can be bought in Boots, not just Harrods and Selfridges, and you probably won't get admiring (jealous) glances when you pull one out of your bag.

What you do get is an accessible range of fantastic, vivid colours that can create a stunning lip with a little effort, all for just £7.29.

I will let you down gently, I am am not trying to say that these are in any way a dupe for the Tom Ford Private Blend lipsticks, they're not. However, for those that find £35 for a lipstick frankly ridiculous, they represent a viable alternative.

Left to right: Nude Attitude, Pink About It, Strawberry Suede
I hadn't used Revlon before I tried these lipsticks, but what swayed me to make my first purchase was makeup artist Lisa Eldridge's admission that she used Nude Attitude on the beautiful French model/actress Clemence Posey for a Vogue photo shoot. The pictures and the makeup were both exquisite and I wanted to try to attempt a similar look myself.

Clemence Posey wearing Nude Attitude
Vogue UK. Photographer: Kai Z Feng
The shade selection of the Revlon Matte Lipsticks is fantastic, nudes, vivids, darks, all are covered, much like the Tom Ford range. Strawberry Suede is the one I had heard most about and it is ideal for a statement lip. However, on me, the Pink About It works best as the Strawberry is a little too warm. What was a pleasant surprise was the level of pigment in these lipsticks. Possibly even enough to rival Mr Ford.

As they are matte, you don't get the same flattering sheen as with Tom Ford or the creamy texture and subtle vanilla scent. However, I find that some of the colours more than make up for this. I have added photos of the swatches of the Revlon lipsticks next to those of the Tom Ford lipsticks so you can see the difference in finish and get a better idea of how the level of colour both offer. My favourites are Nude Attitude, Strawberry Suede and Pink About It. When I swatched the now sold out Toxic Tale lipstick by MAC, part of the Venomous Villains collection, I thought it very similar to Strawberry Suede.

Left to right: Revlon matte lipstick in Nude Attitude, Pink About It, Strawberry Suede

Left to right: Tom Ford Lipstick in Pure Pink, Pink Dusk, Cherry Lush

As they are matte, your lips really need to be in good condition before use as they are very unforgiving. This is where they fall down dramatically in comparison to the Tom Ford and why I reach for the latter more often ( I have incredibly dry lips). But at over £25 cheaper, you have a lot of change to spend on lip balm!

If you really like the vibrancy of the more popular Tom Ford shades but the price tag gives you nightmares, Revlon could be the answer. The quality is by no means the same, but I would say the level of pigment is similar. With a little more effort, Revlon Pure Matte lipstick could look just as stylish on you as Tom Ford.

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