Friday, 29 October 2010

The Le Metier De Beaute Experience

Four words: I love this brand.

I could leave it at that but I doubt that would really help anybody or give any insight into the wonderful world of Le Metier de Beaute.

Some of you may recall my rather neurotic post yesterday about heading to Selfridges in London. Le Metier de Beaute, and more specifically their Director of Makeup Mikey Castillo, was the reason for the journey. To use the words of L'Oreal, it was worth it!

I braved a two hour train journey at rush hour, and my poor mother had to push me in a wheelchair all the way from St Pancras to Oxford Street, so expectations were high. I haven't been to London in years, let alone an event at Selfridges so I was a little overwhelmed and a lot nervous. I needn't have been though as everyone was lovely and I was immediately placed in the expert hands of makeup maestro Mickey Castillo. He had only just flown in from LA but you would never have guessed it from his boundless energy and enthusiasm for the brand. Here is a man who clearly loves makeup.

Me in the capable hands of Mikey Castillo
I usually always decline any offer to make me over as, I admit, I rarely like the makeup of the majority of counter staff and I feel if I don't like how they apply it to themselves, I am really not going to like it on me. I had a horrific makeover in a hotel in Cyprus that I mentioned in a previous post (she made me look like a drag queen version of Cleopatra, bear in mind I was only 14!) that had, I feared, scarred me for life. Therefore until last night I approached any beauty hall with some trepidation.

However, the opportunity to be made up by a world renowned makeup artist was too good to miss. I had tried a couple of Le Metier de Beaute products before, the foundation and Kaleidoscope Eye Kit (unfortunately I owned the one Mikey hadn't designed himself and didn't really like, oops), and thought they were excellent quality, but I was intrigued as to what more the brand had to offer and how to make the most out of the products I had.
I acquired a number of products from across the range yesterday and I know a couple more are on their way to me for my birthday tomorrow, so to do the products justice, I am going be doing individual reviews/posts on each one. It would be a disservice to try to cram them all in  here, but I will give you a quick top 3 of my favourites:
  • Kaleidoscope Eye Kit in Le Cirque - £65
  • Precision Liquid Eyeliner in Noir - £25
  • Dualistic Eye Pencil in Champagne - £20

I was thrilled that Mikey chose to work with the Le Cirque Eye Kit as it was the item I was most drawn to. My brother had picked me one up from Liberty last weekend but I have yet to get my hands on it. Although I had heard about the famous Le Metier de Beaute 'Couche de Couleurs 'layering technique that is recommended with these kits, I was keen to be shown how to master it by a professional.

The Couche de Couleur technique used on my eyes
 Mikey explained to me that the normal eye looks you see on models are made to make 'children' (his words, not mine) look like they are in their twenties in order to sell to the 20+ market. However, when a woman who is in their late twenties and above (tomorrow I will sadly fall into this category) applies eye makeup in this way, she immediately ages ten years. As few, if any, want this effect, couche de colouers was created to give a softer, more natural look. This, he says, is what all the celebrities ask for and I can see why. It enhances the beauty of the eye colour, really making it pop.

At just three years old, Mikey was keen to get across the ethos of the brand and to show how it differed from the rather crowded market place of sole makeup artist ranges (Nars, Bobbi Brown, Trish McEvoy, he's looking at you). The idea was a fusion between makeup and skincare, and at the forefront was quality, in every aspect of every product. This is a high end brand and rather than make excuses for the price tag, Mikey wanted customers to realise the benefits of the products and where their money went.

 A great example of this is their liquid eyeliner.  As M&S would say, 'this is not just any liquid eyeliner', this is in a pen form designed by none other than Mont Blanc. It gives a beautiful thin line, the best I have ever seen from this kind of product. So good I got two of them. Even the foundation brush is slanted with specially packed bristles so that it hugs the contours of the face and avoids that streaky look so many can give.

To be blunt, I could write a book on all the things Mikey told me in just 45 minutes. I spent the entire makeover desperately trying to remember his words of wisdom on product ingredients, technique, inspiration, everything! Even before I got the chance to meet him,  I knew that Le metier de Beaute was my kind of brand from the moment I set eyes on the innovative kaleidoscope design and felt the divine texture of the eye colours, as well as the imaginative and unusual colour combinations.

 I didn't need any encouragement to buy more from the range, but I relished the opportunity to learn more about it and after last night I feel I have a much better idea of what is behind the brand. From the length of time it takes to design one product, the choice of ingredients and the little details that have been so well thought out, Le Metier de Beaute is all class (e.g. Mikey showed me that the lip brush was specially designed with a bigger cap so you could add lip product from the more bulky Kaleidoscope to the brush, put on the cap and it would remain in perfect condition for touch ups when out and about).

Sorry this has turned into a dissertation type post but as you can tell, I really enjoyed my trip out yesterday and I wanted to get across just how impressed I was with the brand (not to mention the whole of Selfridges Beauty Hall!). Hopefully I won't leave it so long now before I head to London again for more beauty shopping and I won't have a sleepless night beforehand!

A big thank you to Mikey and the rest of his team as well as Lisa for organising the event. If  this post has whetted your appetite, you live in London and can get to Selfridges, Mikey is holding some master classes on Wednesday 3rd November and as if that wasn't enough to get your attention, the first 5 customers to book in and bring a friend will receive a fabulous 4 piece goody bag.

The beautiful display in the Beauty Hall of Selfridges, London
Product reviews will be posted as and when I get around to them (will be distracted this weekend by my birthday), but if anyone is interested, Mikey did let slip that his upcoming Holiday Kaleidoscope Eye Kit will be a cooler colour palette containing a slate grey and a deep navy with micro shimmer. I want it already!

Le Metier de Beaute is now available at Selfridges as well as Liberty, both in store and online, giving you twice the opportunities to try it out and see why I and many other bloggers am raving about it so much.


  1. Happy Birthday Jennifer!
    My, what a great experience you've had...I'm happy you had such fun. Le Metier is indeed quite exceptional and I own a fair few things from the range (including the Kaleidoscope and the eyeliner in Noir and Bleu). The other day when I was there I actually picked up the Peau investment lol
    I wish you a wonderful birthday and all happy things in the future!

    Nina x

  2. Great helpful post - don't ever apologise for writing lots, I love it when people write in detail about an experience or a range, it really helps me to make my mind up, much more than photographs. Happy birthday too. Jan x

  3. Great that you had such an amazing experience and those eyeshadows look lovely on you!
    Do you happen to know when the holiday Le Metier de Beaute collection will be out and if Le Cirque Kaleidoscope is a limited edition?
    I wish you a happy birthday! x Klara

  4. Hi jennifer

    First off- Happy Birthday!!!!

    I cannot express in words how much I enjoyed this post! You did not ramble at all (I'm a rambler from way back) I was thrilled to read it all- I felt like I was there (wish, wish, wish)!
    I have been lemming that liner for SO long- I guess it needs to go to the top of my wish list!

    So glad you were able to go and have some much needed fun and pampering! hugs jeanie

  5. I really enjoyed reading this post. I love the couches de couleurs technique too - it's easy and very flattering. Looking forward to that holiday palette!

  6. Thanks everyone for your kind Birthday wishes X

    Hi Nina - such a shame I missed you in Selfridges, I was there a couple of hours after you. I quickly realised that anything in silver packaging, aka peau vierge, was the abot triple the price of everything else! I was tempted though, did you get the concealer or the primer? Do let me know how you find it and whether you think it justified its price X

    HI Jan, thanks for your comments. I had been rereading my Blogging for Dummies book and it keeps on about keeping posts short and concise, two words that don't apply to any of mine! I love reading long posts though, lets more personality and information shine through and I think it is another benefit of blogs over magazines - no word limit X

    Hi Klara,
    Hope you are getting on well with your blog, am just about to head over and take a look. The Le Cirque kit is lovely but I am not sure about whether or not it is a limited edition. I am going to call Selfridges for you tomorrow to ask about that and the holiday collection so I'll post an answer here then X

    Hi Jeanie, thanks so much for your comments, you are very sweet. The liner is amazing, I have a similar Chanel one but the Le Metier beats it hands down. Will write some tips about how to use it when I post on it individually. Is definitely worth getting. I'm so glad I forced myself to go as to say I was nervous is an understatement, but my mum kind of forced me, in a nice way! I hope that next time, if there is one, I'll be able to relax and enjoy it more X

  7. I'm so pleased you enjoyed yourself and loved reading about your experience in detail like that. I agree, never apologise for wordy posts - love 'em!

    Happy, happy birthday... I hope you got everything you wished for xx

  8. What a delightful day. Mikey did my makeup one day too and I wanted to remember all he said but like you couldn't get it all down. It was such a fun experience. I'm glad you got to experience it too.

  9. Hi Grace,
    Glad you enjoyed it. I would never have discovered Le Metier if you hadn't suggested I try their foundation instead of the Ellis Faas a few months ago, so a big thank you for that!

    Hi Charlotte,
    Thanks for commenting. I doubt I would have been brave enough to go if you hadn't emailed previously, it really put me at ease and gave me the confidence to go so am very grateful as it was a fantastic evening.
    Jennifer X

    Hi Marcia,
    That's great that you've had the Le Metier Experience a la Mikey as well, he sure loves to talk, I wish I could have taken a dictaphone or something so I could remember all his tips! X

  10. Fabulous post, I'm so sorry I'm late catching up with it. I totally agree with you on the favourites too ;). The team were terrific and I'm already in love with the brand!
    Jane x