Friday, 15 October 2010

It's that time of year again.......

My new winter coat!
Every year it usually gets to mid October, the central heating comes on and I realise, albeit lately, that a new winter coat is in order. I know that organised people get this kind of thing sorted in August, but I am not organised.

I ventured into my nearest Fenwicks yesterday as a break from exams, intending to take a look at the different dark lipsticks various brands had to offer (they'll be a post on this soon). As I only manage to get out like this maybe 3-4 times a year max, I thought I'd pop upstairs and check out the ladies fashion floor.

Usually I spend a few minutes up there, realise nothing looks right on me, fits etc, so I retreat downstairs to the safety of the Chanel counter and lipsticks. I expected it to be the case this time but Whistles stopped me in my tracks. I have a love/hate relationship with Whistles, I can browse in there and hate everything for months, but every so often (normally every October) I adore almost their entire range. This was one such occasion, isn't it sods law that this always happens when you have no money to spend?

Whistles Anika Aviator Jacket

This whole post is really a very long way of saying I now have 2 beautiful winter coats (thanks mum, combined Xmas & birthday presents) ordered from there and headed my way along with them are a lovely navy & camel cashmere sweater and a leather aviator style jacket (see left). The last is a bit of a trend piece but my dad was a pilot for 30 years and bought himself a traditional one last year (that cost a lot more than mine I might add in case he reads this) so it must be in the genes!

The two coats are poles apart in style, the first being bright red, streamlined and very simple in shape and style. Fairly timeless in my eyes and a really good shade of red, perfect for brightening up a dull outfit. The second, and my favourite, is a traditional trench coat but in a navy/black tweed (see top picture). I have always wanted a navy coat as it is so much softer than black against my skintone and this absolutely fitted the bill. I had been lusting after a Burberry jacket in similar colours but in a big check for months but this coat is a far more practical  and cheaper version of that style.

Cashmere Sweater
The most important part of this post is that if you have seen something you like in Whistles or are in the market for a new coat, today is the last day of an offer with Grazia magazine giving you 25% off. This is why I didn't buy my items in store, but ordered online at home so I could use the discount code. It is WH25AW10, just enter it when you checkout. It finishes tonight.

When I looked at the items I'd tried in store on the website, I was amazed at how unappealing they looked. All the clothes are definitely not shown at their best on the website, I can't understand why Whistles would think this was a good idea, and I would never have bought anything if I had gone from the web pictures alone. Just something to be aware of.

Sorry for hijacking what is meant to be a beauty blog with a little bit of fashion, but I buy clothes so rarely now that I tend to get a little over excited when I do! If anyone is vaguely interested, I'll try and post some pictures of the coats when they arrive.

You can find Whistles online at

Anyone else looking out for a new winter coat or bought any new clothes for Autumn/Winter?


  1. Dear Jennifer,

    I believe that I still can't get my e-mails sent to you so I am doing it again via the comments on your blog, I'm really sorry if this is annoying.
    Anyway, I got your package and I love it! I'm truly amazed by how much time and effort you put into making the card - I love how the different patterns are made and it feels really special.
    The mini nail polishes look like the cutest thing ever, I can't wait to try them and the massage lotion that you included (thanks!), I will let you know what I think of them. Of course, thank you for the chocolate, I love Lindt.

    I know I said thank you now many times but I was just so pleasantly surprised!

    Thank you!


  2. Hi Klara,
    I'm so glad your prize got to you in one piece, thanks for letting me know, and that you liked it and the card.

    Don't worry at all about leaving comments, I love getting comments, and I think my email has been playing up so I have altered it to It should work now!

    Enjoy the nail polish,