Sunday, 3 October 2010

Giveaway Winners!

Thanks everybody for your entries.

Whilst tidying yesterday I found that I actually had two of the lovely Decleor handcreams and as I had 3 bars of Lindt chocolate, I thought I would add another prize. That means for the competition open to all those who commented on any post on my blog, there were two winners.

 I decided that pulling names out of a hat would be a better way to choose the winner as there were only a small number of entries. Everyone's name (for the appropriate competition) was written on a piece of paper and put into a very glamorous mixing bowl, then I pestered my slightly bemused mother to draw out the winners.Very scientific. The results are as follows:

Klara Susteric won the OPI Swiss Minis Set + bar of Lindt Chocolate that was open to followers.

Grace London and Katy G Morris each won a Decleor Handcream + bar of Lindt Chocolate, that was open to those who commented on any post.

Congratulations to the winners, please could you get in contact with me via email,, so that I know where to send the prizes. If I don't hear from you by Wednesday, another winner will be picked. I want to get the prizes packed up and sent out as soon as possible so the chocolate is out of my reach!

For those of you who didn't win, don't worry as there will be another giveaway before Christmas. I'm not exactly sure when (keep checking back for a definite date), but I do know what the prize will be, a Tom Ford lipstick, the colour of which will be the winner's choice. I am deliberately trying to do giveaways while my blog is very small so that everyone has a much better chance of winning something. I like good odds!


  1. Yay, thank you so much! I really like the look of the OPI Swiss Collection (and of course I always like the look of some Lindt chocolate:) x Klara

  2. Hi Klara, glad you're pleased with the prize. Can you email me your address or leave it as a comment here (I won't publish it, so no one else will see it)and then I will send the prize to you as soon as possible X

  3. Hi Klara, I have your address now so I will post the OPI minis and chocolate out to you tomorrow. Don't worry about the email problems, mine messes up all the time! X