Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Dark Side: Rimmel Starry Eyed, 17 New Black & Dior Addict Lip Colour in Pinstripe Plum

Onto the next batch of colours, this time all three have much more of a brown base to them and there is a huge difference in price. The lipsticks are:
  • 17 Lasting Fix Lipstick in New Black - £3.49
  • Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Starry Eyed (128) - £4.49
  • Left to right: Rimmel, 17, Dior
  • Dior Addict Lip Colour in Pinstripe Plum (989) - £21.50
At first glance, there seems to be a lot of variation between the shades, the 17 lipstick looking pretty much black. However, looks can be deceptive and the swatches show that all three are similar but the Dior is more brown, the 17 more purple and the Rimmel more red. Hopefully this will allow you to work with your own skintone when choosing which would look best.

As my last post resembled more an essay than the quick overview I intended, I will try and let the pictures speak for themselves today. The only think I must talk about is the huge difference in quality. I suppose this is only to be expected as there is £18 difference in price, but I would really hesitate to recommend the 17 lipstick. The colour itself is good but was nearly impossible to get an even application from it. It dragged terribly and on one part of the lip would be very dark, and another much lighter. As a stain this could work if you dabbed it on with a finger, but if you want to use it as a traditional lipstick, I would pass.

Left to right: 17 New Black, Rimmel Starry
If you want a budget lipstick for this dark trend, then I think the Rimmel is fantastic. If I had been testing these three blind, I would have thought it performed more around the £16 level than £4.49 (£3.49 if still on offer in Boots). It was a nice balance between the stiffness of the 17 and the creaminess of the Dior. I think the colour is also quite a wearable shade and should suit the majority of people.

If I were to choose a favourite based on value for money, then the Rimmel would be the undisputed winner. With that criteria taken out of the equation though, Dior would be victorious. This is my first ever Dior lipstick and I was very impressed, I prefer it to the Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks I have. It applied like a dream and having previously tried the two cheaper brands on my lips, it was obvious that this was the premium brand just from the texture. It feels so comfortable but not as slippy as yesterday's YSL Rouge Pur Couture.

The Dior Addict Lip Colour in Pinstripe Plum manages to get its own picture due to the incredibly awkward packaging, it just won't stand up! At least the distinctive look means it is easier for me to find it, I hate how Chanel's products all look so similar, especially their blushers and eyeshadow quads.

Dior Addict Lip Colour in Pinstripe Plum - £21.50

Left to right: Rimmel, 17, Dior

 Here are the swatches taken in natural light (outside, luckily no rain today!)

Left to right: Rimmel Starry Eyed, Dior Pinstripe Plum, 17 New Black

Apologies for the really patchy application of the 17 lipstick, it was the best I could do with the product! No lipliner was used with any of the lipsticks to get a true impression of the colour. I think at least the photos of the product on the lips show very well that the Dior is the more neutral colour in between the cooler 17 and warmer Rimmel.

Left to right: 17 New Black, Dior Addict Pinstripe Plum, Rimmel Starry Eyed

Tomorrow will be another Monday Manicure, and the shade will be in keeping with the whole sultry, dark theme, but on Tuesday there will be another trio of lip products, featuring Nars, MAC and Chanel.


  1. An interesting comparison again. I think the Pinstripe Plum is my favourite of these three.
    Jane x

  2. Hi!
    I quite fancy the Dior Plum (although they all look stunning on your non-lined, gorgeous pout)- that is one I may even be able to pull off. Inspired by your dark lips post, I bought some drugstore glosses in a raisin tone and a mid golden plum to play with before I spend the big bucks on more lippies! I have so many nudes, light pinks, peaches.... in the stash it's shameful. I rarely finish one :(

    I located my Clinique black honey but it had gone funky on me so I chucked it in the bin.

    I wonder if it's my hair color being so dark that is throwing me off with the dark lips? I am going Friday to see what can be done to lighten things up a bit.

    Loving these posts- I am more of an eyeshadow girl by nature and you girls w lip loves are slowly bringing me out of the nudes. x jeanie

  3. Hi Jane, the Dior is my favourite as well, I like the way it's not too purple, not too red, just right X

    Hi Jeanie, so glad you got some dark glosses, I think they are a great way to try out a darker lip. It's funny as I am desperate to get my hair darker, is mid brown at the moment but I want to dye it darker so there is more of a contrast between my hair and pale skin. I am so envious of natural dark hair. I guess we always want what we don't have.

    I used to be a lot more into eyeshadow, lost count of the number of palettes & MAC singles I've acquired over the years, but seeing Grace London look so amazing with simple eyes and bold lips inspired me to experiment a little more. Also, I had to have a brace fitted to my lower teeth just over a year ago (so unfair as I went through all this at 12, now 25), so I think if I have a vibrant lip colour, it detracts from having a mouth full of metal!

    Jennifer X

  4. Very Louise Brooks - although having only seen her in black and white I don't know what evidence I have for this - it just looks like the sort of dark and dangerous lipstick she would wear. Lovely colours but too dark for me, if I were to wear *cats* and *bum* would be two words that would spring to mind!

  5. I actually bought Starry Eyed last week, as I don't have a plum lippy. It#s very dark on me and as such can only really come out to play at party time. It feels fab, and Rimmel lippies are great value. x