Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Chantecaille Tiger in the Wild Palette - review & swatches

I have never bought anything from Chantecaille before, but I seem to be starting quite a few posts with that introduction recently. I blame my addiction of reading other beauty blogs, an expensive habit that creates a much longer product wish list. The positive of this is that during the last two months I have dipped my toe into a couple of brands that I would not have (particularly buying online) without the reassurance of some glowing blogger reviews. Chantecaille is one such brand.

My only previous experience of it was to look at it longingly on the Space NK website, to puzzle over how to accurately pronounce the name (I know that now) and wonder how they could charge so much for their limited edition palettes.

My longing is finally over as the Limited Edition Tiger In The Wild Palette arrived on my doorstep today and it is every bit as pretty as I thought it would be. Having looked over it with a fine tooth comb, I can now see those little extra details that make the steep price tag that bit more understandable. These include the sleek gun metal packaging and the intricate tiger's head detailing on each of the eyeshadows and blush. I can't quite see the point of the shimmer overlay on the colours as it makes it difficult if browsing to get an idea of what the true colour will be when the overlay is gone, but I suppose it is just an aesthetic thing.

Now onto the shades. The palette is four pan and consists of three very wearable eyeshadows and one cheek colour. As mentioned before, all have a tiger's head that is raised up out of the original depth of the pan (probably haven't expressed that at all well!). Chantecaille state the eyeshadows as cream, pewter and indigo, and the blush as persimmon. I would agree with all four, and can't for the life of me come up with a better way to describe them.

Clockwise starting top left: Cream, pewter, indigo & persimmon

Although at first glance the blush looks a little unwearable on a very cool, pale skin, it is less intense than it appears, sheer in texture, and reminds me of an old Stila blush I used up years ago. It was a firm favourite. This Chantecaille shade might be just the thing to part me from my beloved pinks and roses, I am in a bit of a rut cheek wise. The eye shades are all going to be staples of mine. I tried the pewter in my crease today with a little smudged along the lower lash line, paired with a plum lip and the combination was a winner. I can see it being my go to look for autumn/winter.

In the photos of the palette itself you get a lot of the shimmer coming through because of the overlay. I hope you can see the matte sections which is where this has worn through and is a much truer reflection of the colour.

Swatches left to right: Persimmon, cream, pewter, indigo

Left to right: Indigo, pewter, cream, persimmon
Cream eye colour

Pewter eye colour

Indigo eye colour

Persimmon cheek colour
Pewter is by far and away my favourite from the four and unfortunately for my bank balance (something else I seem to be saying a lot lately) I can see this being the start of a long relationship between myself and Chantecaille.

The Tiger In The Wild Palette is limited edition and can be bought from Space NK online for £73. It is paraben free and helps to support Traffic, a wildlife organisation helping to save the last tigers in the wild.


  1. This is a gorgeous palette. I do like the cheek color- a lot. The only problem I have with lovelies like this is.... I can't stand to spoil them! I just want to keep them pristine. I am getting better about it though. If you like taupes this brand has a lovely one called Coriander- I posted some pics over on my blog of some taupes I love (and more to come- lol).
    thanks for the lemming once again x jeanie

  2. Hi Jeanie,
    I must admit it was with some hesitation that I first swiped the beautiful tiger's heads. At least I have the photos of them in pristine condition to keep for posterity's sake! Am heading to your blog now to check out Coriander, sounds lovely X