Saturday, 2 October 2010

Brand Focus - Tom Ford Beauty

If you have not heard of the wonder that is Tom Ford, firstly, where have you been? Secondly, this post should fill you in on the epitome of style and his recent foray into makeup.
Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Colour Advertising Campaign - Lip shade is Cherry Lush

If you have already heard of Tom Ford, you may only know 1 of 2 things, firstly that he directed Colin Firth to BAFTA glory in A single Man, and secondly, his lipsticks are incredibly expensive! However, Tom Ford is far more than the sum of these 2 parts.

Born in Texas and raised in Santa Fe, Ford's big break in fashion began in 1990. He became a womenswear designer for Gucci and he is responsible for the reinvention and modernisation of the brand. In 2004, he left Gucci behind to set up the Tom Ford brand and he has since ventured into fragrance, eyewear, menswear and even film, all with great success.

At the beginning of 2010, women across the globe were excitedly anticipating Ford's first step into the world of beauty and on 24th April he released the Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Colour Collection. The idea behind it was to create 12 universally flattering colours, all the essential shades a woman needs. The theory behind this collection is described succinctly by Ford:

'There is no more dramatic accessory than a perfect lip. It is the focus of the face and it has the power to define a woman's whole look''

Said to encompass pure colour with just the right balance of luminosity, the 12 shades of lipstick are divided into 3 distinct colour families, nudes, bolds and dramatics. The colours are as follows:

  • Vanilla Suede
  • Blush Nude
  • Warm Sable
  • Pink Dusk
  • Pure Pink
  • Ginger Fawn
  • True Coral
  • Cherry Lush
  • Smoke Red
  • Moroccan Rouge
  • Bruised Plum
  • Black Orchid
The formula includes rich, nautural ingredients like  Saja seed extract, Brazilian Murumuru butter and Chamomilla flower oil, to give a highly pigmented but non drying finish. Although not specifically scented, when you use them a definite vanilla fragrance comes through.

The man himself - isn't he handsome?
Each lipstick costs £35 and some might consider it a trifle arrogant to set so high a price for such a new product. However, Harrods, one of the select stores selling the range, describes Ford as the 'modern master of luxury'. Ford represents luxury in everything he does and it with this in mind it would almost be surprising if the price were more modest. From the provocative advertising campaign to the distinctive white and gold packaging, everything about these lipsticks says they are something to be desired. A true luxury product with a price to match.

Ford states that 'taking classic elements and reinventing them for a sophisticated customer is my idea of modern'. Judging by the price point, I think you could probably replace sophisticated with affluent!

Since their launch in April the lipsticks have proved very popular, so does this prove that they justify their high price or just demonstrate that some people will pay anything for a small piece of Tom Ford? See my upcoming review for what I think is the answer. Ford is launching a special Black Orchid gift set for Christmas, available for £90 at Harvey Nichols from Monday 4th October, and it features the very first Tom Ford nail varnish. Hopefully, this signifies that there is still a lot more to come from Tom Ford Beauty.

Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Colour

Tom Ford claims that:

'My mission is to bring luxury back, expressed through my voice and my style. It is important to me to instill glamour, integrity and sophistication in everything I do'.

If his award winning film 'A Single Man' and the Private Blend Lip Collection are anything to go by, I'd say mission accomplished!


  1. Hi Semona, thanks for commenting. Cherry Lush is by far the most wearable red I've ever come across, both the shade and the finish.

  2. The Cherry Red is beautiful...and would look great on Tom Ford's cheek!!
    He is yummy..
    Bertie xox