Sunday, 31 October 2010

Birthday Beauty

Just a very quick post this Halloween to give you a glimpse of my birthday goodies courtesy of my family and friends (only positive thing about being ill is people are a lot more generous!). Hopefully the picture will give you a good idea of what products will be featured in upcoming posts this month.

Birthday Haul - in case you are wondering, the box half hidden is a huge set of Agatha Christie audio books, am slightly obsessed with murder mysteries!

I picked out my favourite birthday card, sourced by my mother, very appropriate for my blog I thought. So happy to finally have the Le Metier de Beaute Kaleidoscope Eye Kit in Le Cirque and I was even more happy to have been able to successfully recreate the makeup look Mikey did for me in London for dinner last night.

Unfortunately, I had decided to start a diet/healthy eating plan (a struggle for someone who hates fruit and veg) so the Hummingbird Bakery Cook Book will be a big temptation. The chocolate cup cake recipe is to die for, and yes I know because I made them already, diet starts when cakes are gone.

I'm hoping that the By Terry Lip Balm will help my dry lips during the night and the plan is to recreate the YSL Couture Manicure for tomorrow's post after being inspired by British Beauty Blogger's attempts with the purple and gold duo, I even have the manicure guides so am well prepared.

A big thank you for the Happy Birthday comments, I was really touched and it put a smile on my face all day.

Just one slightly random question for you all, does anyone know of any good body creams for very dry skin? In the last six weeks my skin has undergone a total transformation from normal to ultra oily & spotty on my face and dry as the Sahara everywhere else, arms in particular. I had been using Decleor's System Corps but it is just not up to the job anymore. So this is an SOS for any of your tips or must have body moisturisers before my skin turns to scales (is not that far off!).


  1. Happy happy birthday. What lovely presents - looking forward to reading your thoughts on them.

    I'm really liking the Haus of Gloi Pumpkin Butter Body Creams, and my skin gets so dry in the winter that it tends to itch and turn a bit scaly (lovely, I know!) You do have to order from the US though.

  2. Super presents, I am glad you had a lovely day. BeautyMouth did a post on body lotions hope the link works, if not her website is There were good reviews from testers for the Beauty Bible recently on the Yes to Carrots Body Butter - not expensive, from Boots.
    PS broke my twitter duck yesterday and it was fun, if I can go back please do yourself Jan x

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    What a droolworthy (I know it's not a a word, but it ought to be) photograph lol! It sounds like you had a great birthday and I too am looking forward to reading your reviews on all the gorgeous pressies...
    I purchased the primer from le Metier, not the concealer (priced at £65, I just could not bring myself to do it). I have only been using it for a very short time so it's very early days for any meaningful thoughts on it.
    I can however tell you that after an initial reaction to the product, probably due to the high retinol concentration and the delivery system that allows more product to be absorbed, I now enjoy using it very much. The coverage is sheer but it works and, some concealer takes care of the problem areas; the finish is very luminous and sort of soft focus, whilst it feels very comfortable on the skin, even without moisturiser underneath (you are supposed to use it directly on bare skin so as to get the maximum benefit). All in all, so far-so good. Will keep you posted on any skin improvements that I might notice.
    Have a great week ahead!

    Nina x

  4. Hi Grace,
    Thanks for the birthday wishes. I saw your posts on Haus of Gloi so I might give them a try. At the moment I am using some medical thing from the doctor which is awful, pretty much like covering your body in parafin, and when I scratch end up with a load of it under my nails. Not really painting a very attractive picture here but you get the idea. Anything will be an improvement! X

    Hi Jan,
    Thanks so much for recommending Beauty Mouth, I have just read the whole archive, what a fantastic blog! I think my New Year's Resolution in January may be to get on Twitter, let me know how you get on with it X

    Hi Nina,
    Thanks for the info on the primer. I did have it used on me, but I was so nervous at the beginning of the makeover that it passed me by a little and I was a bit over awed with the science bit (was being explained to me in great detail). It felt nice on the skin but seemed a little yellow? Could have just been the lighting. However, I could be tempted to ask for it for Christmas as I wanted to start using a retinol product.

    I got a complimentary concealer at the event which was amazingly generous, but unfortunately it is the darker shade so I have given it to my mum to use. I bought myself the normal one (£25 rather than £65) in my shade and like that so it would have been interesting to compare the two, maybe one on each eye?!

    Hope the primer continues to work for you, do you know if it only come in the one shade?

    Jennifer X

  5. Hi, Jennifer!
    The gifts all look so gorgeous and that Cookbook sure looks tempting.
    When my skin gets very dry I use Avene's Akerat body cream for a few days and it really helps - it calms the skin and makes it less dry. It has urea as an ingredient in it, so I guess anything with urea is supposed to help very dry skin. I also find that using a shower oil such as the L'Occitane Almond shower oil helps with the dryness a lot.
    I hope you'll find something that helps.

  6. I thought I commented but my computer has been wonky.... Happiest of Birthday's to you Jennifer.

    I have been having good luck with Lush Dream Cream and Body Shop butters (grapefruit is lovely). That yes to line (that Jan cited) is supposed to be good- they make some fantastic facial wipes too (yes, to cucumbers)love those.

    Enjoy all your prezzies- you deserve it all!
    hugs jeanie

  7. HI everyone, thanks so much for all your suggestions of body creams. I have some Body Shop Body Butter tucked away somewhere so I think I'll use that up and then invest in Kiehls Creme De La Corps and maybe Haus of Gloi (although the new Chanel Mademoiselle Dry Body Oil is also looking tempting). I'll keep you posted as to how I get on.
    Jennifer X