Saturday, 18 September 2010

Q&A: What beauty pruchase do you regret the most?

Having just seen how much I have rambled in the previous Q&A post I thought I'd keep this short and sweet.

At the moment I am regretting purchasing all 3 of Les Khakis de Chanel ( should have stuck to just Khaki Vert) but I also fell for the Mac Marine Life Highlighter in summer and I was very disappointed with it. The colour didn't suit me at all. Another example of hyped up limited edition products that can prove hard to resist.

Overall, I think my biggest beauty regret was buying the gel version of Creme de la Mer a couple of years ago. I thought it would be the moisturisers to end all moisturiser and it did nothing for my skin. If anything, it seemed to make it more dry.

So, any beauty regrets that you want to own up to? What products have you been most disappointed with when you got them home?

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  1. SKII skincare. I really and truly believed it would make my skin amazing, but it just didn't agree with my skin at all.