Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Q&A: Red lipstick - yes or no?

I'm feeling very lazy tonight having just finished my law work for the year, well, until my finals in October, so this is why there is only one post tonight. I will make up for it the rest of the week as I am planning a lipstick theme for the next few days.

Given that my blog is called lipstick luvvies, I thought it was time lipstick featured in a Q&A. So, do you wear red lipstick or not? Do you love it or hate it? If you love it, what is your favourite shade/brand?

I love it but it took a while before I was brave enough to wear it in public, too much worrying about whether I had it on my teeth or if it had smeared etc. I have a ton of red lipsticks but I think my favourite has to be the first I ever bought, Chanel's Pirate. The picture below is of me wearing it whilst at university and this may well be the only time you ever see a picture of my face on this blog (I hate having photographs taken, find it impossible not to screw my face up, is even worse if I try to smile!). Looking back at it I can't believe that my lipstick was still on as the photo was taken quite late on into the night. Shows the quality of Chanel!

Me wearing Chanel's lipstick in Pirate

My latest red lipstick is Cherry Lush by Tom Ford and I do find it a more wearable shade than Pirate for day to day use. For special occasions, Pirate would still be my first choice, although I am tempted to try out MAC's Ruby Woo and Tom Ford's Smoke Red having seen the latter look fantastic on Grace London. In my opinion you can never have too many red lipsticks!

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