Thursday, 16 September 2010

Q&A: If you could solve one beauty problem, what would it be?

So having just shared one of my personal beauty worries, I wondered what other people find are their beauty issues.

Just about every new skincare (and often makeup) product launched has a vast list of problems it promises to fix, but what promise would you really pay good money for them to keep?

Apart from a wonder cream that would completely erase stretch marks, and maybe combat cellulite while we're at it, I would love an eye cream that really made dark circles a thing of the past.The saving alone on under eye concealers would be worth it!

A way of straightening teeth and whitening them without having to resort to veneers and years of orthodontic work would also be a small miracle - I'm feeling very bitter at having to have train tracks on my teeth for the second time in a decade!

What miracle product would you love to see invented (just in case some genius scientist types are listening)?

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