Friday, 10 September 2010

Q&A: Do you prefer to buy makeup palettes or individual products?

Having just posted about the latest Urban Decay palette, I wondered whether more people prefer to buy palettes for their makeup bag because of the great value they offer or if individual products still win as they offer better choice.

Nars Emotional Rescue Artist Palette - £53

When at university and on a tighter budget (and less room for my makeup collection), I invested in a lot of palettes, especially from Nars and Stila. I could never have afforded the products individually and I discovered a few products I loved this way that I later bought individually.

Now at home in my own space, my makeup has room to spread itself everywhere and I find that I reach for the palettes far less often. I discovered yesterday a whole box of them which I've barely touched. So this begs the question, are they really better value for money when you generally reach for one or two shades and waste the rest?

I am hoping that my new Naked palette with prove the exception. I am determined to use it all, I want to see the bottom of the pan for once!
So do you buy into palettes or do you prefer to choose your own shades?

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