Thursday, 9 September 2010

Q&A: Are you a bath or a shower person?

As I am in bathing heaven at the moment with the new Philosophy Shower Gels (can also be used as bubble bath), I wondered whether the majority favour showers or baths?

I know that practicality has to play a part, but for me, nothing beats a long soak in a hot bath filled with suitably fragrant bubbles.
Alas, my bath is not nearly as glamorous as this one

I always view showers with suspicion after one day a giant spider crawled up from the plug hole to greet me once I was already in. It was very tricky trying to get out with said spider blocking my path ( I am a terrible coward and tend to scream for male help to remove anything insect-like whilst I stand on a chair like a damsel in distress). This time there was no help available and so I always let the shower run empty for a good while just as a test to ensure it is insect free.

At university, I would never have dreamed of having a bath. I spent 4 years in flat shares with guys and made it my mission to spend as little time as possible in the vicinity of the bathroom. It once got so bad that I would drive 20 minutes away to the gym just to shower and wash my hair there. This may sound dramatic but to give you an example, one housemate played in-line hockey and their kit absolutely stinks of sweat. The team were threatened with being banned from the sports hall unless they did something about the smell and so my housemates kit was left to soak in our bathroom for days, and day, and days. Not a pleasant sight or smell.

Having returned home though, I treat the bathroom as my sanctuary and bath beats shower hands down.

How about you, any horror stories to share of creepy crawlies, vile bathrooms or just stinky housemates? Do share.

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