Saturday, 25 September 2010

OPI Swiss Collection - Diva Of Geneva & Ski Teal We Drop Swatches

Left to right: Diva of Geneva & Ski Teal We Drop - taken outside

Today's colours are OPI's Diva of Genva, a red wine shimmer, and Ski Teal We Drop, like the name suggests, a teal creme. I have taken photos of the shades indoors and outdoors so you get a better feel of how the colours look in different lighting conditions.

As normal, I could have applied just one coat of each if I was in a hurry, but I used two for the photos for consistency.

Ski Teal We Drop is my favourite of the two, it is almost like Cuckoo For This Colour minus the shimmer. It definitely leans more blue than green, but it is not as blue as it appears in the outside photos. It actually comes up quite dark on the nail.

Diva Of Geneva is a 'nice' shade, a bit too warm for it to look good on me, but I feel I have seen this shade before in previous OPI collections, the French and Russian ones spring to mind. In my overview post, I will go through my whole collection to look for any potential dupes. It is very shimmery and so has been quite hard to photograph well, but for this shade the photos taken outside are the best representation of how it looks in real life.

OPI's Ski Teal We Drop and Diva Of Geneva

2 coats of Ski Teal We Drop applied + top coat - taken indoors

2 coats Ski Teal We Drop + top coat - taken outdoors

To see how close Ski Teal We Drop is to Cuckoo For Colour without the shimmer, I took a photo of the bottle of the shimmer shade with the creme on the nails. You can decide for yourself whether they are similar shades but with a different finish.

OPI's Cuckoo For This Colour with Ski Teal We Drop on the nails
I also felt Diva Of Geneva might be similar to From A To Zurich with shimmer so I photographed those 2 shades alongside each other. Looking at the picture, I think Diva of Geneva is warmer the From A To Zurich.

From A To Zurich and Diva From Geneva
2 coats of Diva Of Geneva + topcoat - taken indoors

2 coat of Diva Of Geneva + topcoat - taken outside
Tomorrow I will have swatches of the final 3 shades and details of the giveaway. If you are getting a bit tired of nail varnish (I know I am!), I promise next week will be far more lipstick orientated.

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