Monday, 27 September 2010

New CID Cosmetics i-Perfect Foundation - the verdict

It is a brave company that decides to use the word 'perfect' in the name of a product. It had better be good as people's expectations are going to be high. Unfortunately, I found too many imperfections for the name to be justified.

New CID Cosmetics i-Perfect Foundation - £24.75 from QVC

I will start with the positives:
The shade I chose was the fairest, Nougat, and it was the best match to my natural skintone that I have found in any foundation. Many can appear too yellow on me but this was a great neutral, I can't say whether this was the colour adjusting technology at work or not because it was the perfect shade straightaway, I didn't have to wait for it to alter.

Once applied, the foundation gave a really natural finish, almost like you'd expect from a tinted moisturiser but with a little more coverage. I could have just used the foundation and left it at that and I would have looked like a better version of myself. I find with many foundations they only look right once you have applied the rest of your makeup.

Now onto the negatives:
The main drawback with this product is the click pen. I had been looking for a foundation in this format for a while but was disappointed with this interpretation of it. I needed to click well over 50 times to get any product out at all and for someone with joint problems, this was a painful process! I was determined though and with perseverance, eventually found a bit of product.

The brush part of the pen was very poor quality. For the price, I expected that the brush would at least be soft and allow you to apply without using your fingers. The pen concept is meant to allow for easy application but the brush really let this down. It felt very scratchy against my skin, especially when I got near the under eye area, and once I was able to get some product out the brush was useless at blending. If I hadn't used my fingers afterwards I would have looked a smeary mess. I may have just been unlucky and got a very bad brush,, but I can only go on my personal experience.

Final thoughts
I rate the foundation itself very highly, although the coverage is probably not enough for people with more serious skin concerns. It is a good colour on me and considering I bought this without trying the shades in person, this was a pleasant surprise. However, the click pen is seriously flawed and really lets the product down. I might think about decanting the foundation into a separate container so I can dispose of the pen system altogether, at least that way I can see how much product I have left and it will be more hygienic. As ti was by a British brand, I really wanted to love this product but for the price, I expected more.

New CID i-Perfect Foundation is available in 4 shades and can be bought online for and

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