Monday, 13 September 2010

Monday Manicure: Leighton Denny Supermodel

So this week's Monday Manicure features the most popular shade from British nail maestro Leighton Denny's range, Supermodel. It was one of the shades I originally thought might be similar to the Chanel Khaki Rose (it isn't really) so I did a full application so that you have a comparison to the Chanel. This is much lighter than the Khaki Rose, less brown, more taupe. In effect, a more wearable colour.

This is probably the perfect go with anything taupe shade, and why it is almost always sold out. It is a thick creme and when I use it I always finish with a coat of Seche Vite for a nice glossy finish. A great neutral, neither too warm nor too cool, it is universally flattering. Overall, a great colour for effortless sophistication, conservative enough to wear at work, yet still elegant for an evening out.

I have to admit that Leighton Denny is not my favourite nail brand, OPI wins that accolade, but I do like some of his shades and I find this one an easy option when I don't want to think too much about what outfits I might wear during the week or where I might be going.

In the photo I have applied 2 coats and I think that is all you need, but I can find Leighton's polish a little tricky to apply. It is hard to get just the right amount on the brush so that you don't end up with a thick coat. I have learnt this from bitter experience when I thought my nails looked great but once dry a few hours, the varnish simply peeled off. 2 thin coats is the key.

I also find that the brush can drag a bit, leaving inprints. However, these are all minor problems that can be overcome with a bit of care and attention.

2 coats of Supermodel (£11) applied with Seche Vite topcoat

Overall, Supermodel is a great shade to have in your collection, especially for those days when you can't decide what colour to go for. If you can get hold of it that is. Although unavailable currently on a lot of online Leighton Denny stockists, QVC stock a Supermodel duo (currently on waitlist) and another set with Supermodel and slicktips which is in stock. See It is a good staple shade but I don't think it is quite worth its constant sell out status.

What do you think? Have you tried it or do you have another colour that is your go to shade?

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