Sunday, 5 September 2010

Les Khakis de Chanel or the Soho Collection - which do you prefer?

Although it only came out a few weeks ago, it seems Chanel's Paradoxal has already been and gone as not one but 2 new limited edition Chanel Collections featuring nail colours are released this September. If they're not careful, Chanel will soon be releasing as many limited editions as MAC!
The Soho collection - Le vernis Nail Colour in Steel and Strong
So the first is the Soho Collection, created for the reopening of the Chanel Spring Street store in Soho, New York. It consists of the 2 nail colours, Steel (looks like a metallic/shimmer grey) and Strong (a burgundy/purple shimmer) and a face palette.

Although the face palette looks pretty, it doesn't look terribly wearable to me ( I have very pale skin) so the nail colours are what appeal. The collection is available in store on 10th September but can be purchased online ( I think in the US only) from 7th September.

Then we have Les Khakis de Chanel, so the rest of the world doesn't feel too left out!

Les Khakis de Chanel - Khaki Brun, Khaki Rose & Khaki Vert
Created especially for the Vogue Fashion Night Out, this is also a limited edition trio of nail colours that are more expensive than the regular range at £19 a bottle. They will be available in Selfridges, Chanel Boutiques and online at

So which collection do you prefer?

I think without swatches it is quite hard to tell, with the Khakis I think they could be quite hit and miss depending on your skin tone. The Soho colours seem more universally flattering shades, but I don't find them as unique as the Khakis.

I doubt I will ever get a chance to try them out in person as there is no Chanel store anywhere near me, let alone Selfridges and my older brother (who does live in London) is currently ignoring my desperate pleas. He doesn't understand nail varnish full stop, let alone the allure of Chanel Limited Edition nail varnish!

My cunning plan is that reading this post might guilt trip him into detour to Selfridges, I live in hope.

Are you interested in buying these shades or are you getting a little tired of must-have limited edition shades?

I would like to think that I have the will power and possibly common sense to resist these, but I have a sneaking suspicion eBay may be calling. You'll soon find out if I have given in to paying way over the odds for these if swatches suddenly appear on my blog!

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