Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Estee Lauder Nail Lacquer in Surreal Violet - Review & Swatches

Estee Lauder Nail Lacquer in Surreal Violet - £12
 I was going to leave this until Monday but it looked so pretty when I took it out of the box that I couldn't wait to show it to you! Originally, I thought this would be too similar to Chanel's Paradoxal to bother buying, but Charlotte from www.lipglossiping.com persuaded me that there was room in my life for both.

As I had left it so late, finding a bottle of Surreal Violet was actually harder than getting hold of the Les Khakis de Chanel Collection, yes, you read that right. Everywhere I tried was out of stock (why when limited edition items are out of stock do they keep the display up?), I couldn't even find one on eBay.

In the end, Harrods came to my rescue. I have never ordered anything from them before and was slightly put off by the very long title section where you fill in your name and address, Her Royal Highness, Brigadier, The Right Honorable, you get the idea.

However, the colour is a beautiful mauve/lilac, shot through with gold shimmer. I had never used nail lacquers from Estee Lauder before and the quality was excellent. One coat would have been enough but I used two to get maximum effect. I prefer it to Paradoxal because the shimmer is more apparent and the overall colour is much lighter. Paradoxal is more of a dark grey with a hint of lilac shimmer, this has the mauve as a base colour and plenty of gold shimmer. Even though the shimmer is much more visible than in Paradoxal, it still looks sophisticated.
Estee lauder Surreal Violet

2 coats of Surreal Violet applied + top coat

It is quite hard to capture the true nature of the shade on camera but I have tried my best!

I am so pleased that this colour actually surpassed my expectations as I have felt somewhat let down by Chanel polishes over the last few weeks.

Surreal Violet is part of a limited edition range for Estee Lauder designed by Tom Pecheux and if you are lucky it may still be available at your local counter. If not, there is always Harrods - www.harrods.com. It costs £12.

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  1. Cambridge Boots still had this in stock as at Saturday too, I picked up a bottle for Helen Nice Things!