Thursday, 2 September 2010

Emulate Cleopatra and bathe in style with Elemis Milk Bath

Elemis is a British Spa brand that is celebrating its 20th year and to mark the occasion, it has released a limited edition version of its famous 20 year old product, Milk Bath. The product is still the same as it was 20 years ago when it was first launched.

Elemis Milk Bath - 20th anniversary edition
Usually sold in a 400ml size plastic bottle, the limited edition release is a luxurious glass decanter with the Elemis logo, filled with 500ml of product. It adds a touch of decadence to your bathroom and makes a great present if you are feeling generous, coming in a beautiful gift box with embossed Union Jack on the side.

Elemis Milk Bath 20th Anniversary Gift Box

Despite the fabulous packaging, the product itself is a real treat and must be something special to have withstood 20 years without the formula being altered. You can add it to a bath for a real Cleopatra bathing experience or for more economical use, try it as a rich body cream (although be careful applying as it is runny). It is great for sensitive and dry skins.

For a bathing experience, it is not cheap, and if you use the recommended 60ml for 1 bath, you will get through a bottle very quickly. Using it neat just on patches of dry skin is a far more cost effective. So if you are feeling indulgent, have dry skin or just want to experience bathing in milk, it can't be beaten.

I suffer with very bad joint pain even though I am only in my twenties and usually a hot bath everyday is required as pain relief. Using Milk Bath makes a pleasant change from the more economical bath products I tend to use on a daily basis and helps keep my skin soft. The smell is also divine. I love the decanter and intend refilling it with cheaper bottles of milk bath when I run out (400ml is about half the retail price on eBay).

The 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Elemis Milk Bath Decanter is available from QVC for £48 (remember that if you buy from QVC you can use the product for 30 days (30 days = many baths) and still send it back if you change your mind or it didn't meet your expectations).

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