Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Chanel Soho Nail Varnish in Strong

I know I promised a break from nail varnish but.....

Chanel Strong is so pretty I had to talk about it.

At the weekend I would have been happy to have never seen another bottle of varnish again, but that attitude quickly faded when Chanel Steel and Strong arrived. My nail varnish obsession has been fully revived and I am already saving to try out some Butter London shades.

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Strong
Strong reminds me of molten metal, not too sure exactly what metal, but that's what it makes me think of, that and volcanoes. Possibly a little random. Although my enthusiasm for nail colours is back, maybe my descriptive powers have evaporated!

It doesn't help that Strong is colour that is very hard to pin down in word or photos. The best I can come up with is a very very dark brown (looks almost black) base colour with a subtle molten shimmer of copper and burgundy. The shimmer is subtle, but when the sun catches your nails it makes you stop and stare at it.

Compares to Les Khakis de Chanel, this is much more my kind of colour. Vampy, but still elegant and appropriate to wear everyday. More interesting than a creme but not as full on as an all out shimmer/metallic shade.

I am including many photos in an effort to try to show you the hidden shimmer I am so badly trying to describe. Here goes.

2 coats of Strong applied + top coat

2 coats Strong applied + top coat - taken outside

I thought that Strong bore a striking resemblance to OPI's Black Cherry Chutney, especially when the bottles were placed side by side. So I decided to test them both out, one shade on each hand and the result was that Black Cherry Chutney is not nearly so dark and is much more of a burgundy with shimmer. The two shades are actually very different when applied.

Left to right: Chanel's Strong & OPI's Black Cherry Chutney
2 coats OPI Black Cherry Chutney + top coat

Top Hand - Chanel Strong, Bottom Hand - OPI Black Cherry Chutney
The difference between the two shades is actually a lot more noticeable on the nails than the photos show.

Strong was releases as part of the limited edition Chanel Soho Collection, designed to celebrate the refurbished US Soho store. It is not available in the UK, sorry about that, so if you want it you will either have to beg any American friends to get you a bottle or resort to eBay.


  1. That is gorgeous! I missed this one :O(

    Chanel regret is awful!

    Lovely blog you have here.


  2. Hi Jeanie,
    Thanks so much for your comment. Sorry you missed out on Strong, I don't know which is worse, Chanel regret or buyer's guilt!

    There is a gorgeous new limited edition Chanel polish coming out with their Holiday collection, a fushia cream I think, so that is definitely one to look out for in the next few weeks.