Saturday, 11 September 2010

Chanel Khaki Vert Nail Varnish - I gave in to temptation!

So I have no will power when it comes to Chanel nail polishes, but the benefit of that is I get to show you some swatches of the new limited edition Les Khakis de Chanel Collection. This post will be all about Khaki Vert, but I have ordered Khaki Rose and it should arrive in the next few days. I am still deliberating whether to go for Khaki Brun, I find it the least appealing of all the shades and am somewhat put off by other beauty bloggers descriptions of it as 'baby poo'.

Chanel nail varnish in Khaki Vert - £19

But as I already said, I have no will power and would like the complete set, if only for comparative reasons.

Now onto the important stuff, the pictures!

(apologies for the shiny looking fingers, I applied cuticle oil and didn't realise how much it would show up in the photos)

Before I saw the colour in person, I was a little concerned that it would be very similar to a couple of OPI shades I already own, mainly You Don't Know Jaques and Over The Taupe. I took pictures of the bottles side by side so you can see my fears were unjustified, the Khaki Vert is most definitely green when compared to the other 2 shades.

OPI Over The Taupe, Chanel Khaki Vert, OPI You Don't Know Jaques

I think many people are under the impression that all three of the khaki shades are very much brown based but Khaki Vert is green. I have shown it side by side with Particuliere and Jade to show the differences.

Chanel Khaki Vert & Chanel Particuliere

Chanel Jade and Chanel Khaki Vert

2 coats of Khaki Vert applied + top coat

As with all Chanel polishes I have tried, it applies like a dream and I could have left it at just one coat it is that pigmented. However, I always apply 2 plus a top coat so that is what is shown in the photos.

2 coats of Khaki Vert applied + top coat

The colour is most definitely a green and although this collection has proved rather like the marmite of the beauty world, you either love or you hate it, I love it (also love marmite). It is unlike any other shade I own and I think it will look great with my camel wool trench coat which I am looking forward to wearing as it gets colder. Camel is meant to be the fashion trend this season and I think all three of the Khakis will compliment this look.

I finally took a few photos using my camel coat as a background so you can see the contrast and a dark brown background.

Khaki Vert on camel background

Khaki Vert on camel background

Khaki Vert on brown background

I think the final photo really shows how green this colour actually is. In reality it is very similar to my own eye colour. It is an opaque, cream shade that is perfect for Autumn. It doesn't scream military to me, I find it more of an olive shade.

The one problem I do have with the product is how Chanel are justifying charging £19 for this when it is no different to my eye from any of their other varnishes that cost £16.50. It does feel like they are taking liberties, knowing that limited edition colours will be sought after whatever the price.

Having had to pay over the odds for Khaki Vert to get hold of it at all, I guess their assumption is right.

What do you think of the colour? Is £19 too much? Has anyone tried the other shades?

I will post about Khaki Rose as soon as the postman (I'm seeing a lot of him lately) bring it, but if you can't wait that long, has posted about it already.


  1. You have Jade! *mugs you* You know, I think these are quite well done, they're just not 'me' nail colours. I prefer bright or dark nails. The only neutral I like is Nubar Sandstone, and that's because it has mauvey shimmer in it.

    The ombre manicure did look good using all three and makes them a bit more interesting, but I do think the price is gouging. Still, £19 is a lot less than they'll be going for on Ebay in a couple of weeks, I figure.

  2. You don't want to know how much I had to pay to get Jade!

    I find I am liking the Khaki Vert more and more as I am wearing it. I think it actually looks better away from the other 2 colours, loses some of its murky quality. Although my future sister-in-law did say she though it looked like pond sludge.

    I got Khaki Rose after seeing your post, but still not convinced by Khaki Brun.