Friday, 17 September 2010

Chanel Khaki Brun is coming!

This is just a really quick preview of some posts that should be coming up in the next week or so (possibly tomorrow if the post is quick).

Chanel Khaki Brun
After much thought I decided to complete Les Khakis de Chanel and ordered Khaki Brun. Now my reasoning for this is slightly warped so bear with me. I really like Khaki Vert but was very disappointed with Khaki Rose, it being distinctly brown. However, when you look at the promos of all three colours together, it does look rose. So I am planning a little experiment. I want to see if Khaki Brun is the only polish that will bring out the rose in Khaki Rose when compared. Sounds slightly crazy I know, but I can get a little obsessive about these things and I know if I never see Khaki Brun I will always wonder (reading this back I really need to get out more!).

The two limited edition nail colours from the Chanel Soho Collection are also somewhere over the Atlantic making their way to me. They are Strong and Steel, a graphite shimmer and burgundy from what I can tell from the promo. Swatches will be up as soon as I receive them.

Illmasqua Lipstick in Obey

My first ever purchase from Illmasqua arrived today, matt lipstick in Obey. It is very bright and very matt, so I am wondering if I would have been better going for a more restrained colour as this one may never see the light of day, but its nice to play with indoors. Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to wear it outside. Will post about this and Chanel Coco Rouge in Rose Comete (which I love) in the next few days.

I thought I had enough nude/taupe etc eyeshadows to last me a lifetime with the Urban Decay Naked Palette but I was wrong. Chanel Taupe Gris turned my head and I have worn it everyday since I got it. Swatches and a review soon.

The past few weeks have not just been about makeup, I have been trialling the Ojon Hair Restorative Treatment. I was going to post about it earlier as I wasn't overwhelmed at the results, but I thought it deserved a second try so it is on my hair as I write. What I can say is that it stinks. There is no way of getting around it, the product has an incredibly distinctive smell.

Finally, I'd just like to a say a big thank you to my first followers. I'd had a really stressful weekend and it really made my day, probably my week, when I saw you all. Loved checking out your blogs, a brilliant way to avoid revision!

Now I have to go and wash out the Ojon as I can't take the smell anymore!

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