Saturday, 4 September 2010

Brand Focus: Alpha-H

Although not the most famous of brand's, as they prefer to pour money into their product development rather than on expensive advertising campaigns, Alpha-H is a Australian skincare brand which has developed a cult following around the world.

There is no fancy packaging, just great products in generous sizes, which actually live up to their promises.

As an Australian brand, there is a focus on dealing with problem skin, and in particular, sun damage. The whole range is fantastic for getting real results for those with acne, scarring, sun damage and pigmentation. Alpha-H is frequently used on the non-surgery route on the TV show '10 Years Younger: The Challenge', and this is a testament to the fact that it really works!

Alpha-H White Gold - Targets pigmentation
The straight talking, no nonsense Michelle Doherty is the face of the brand and she is like a breath of fresh air in the beauty industry with her 'no fluff or puff' approach, realising that all we want to know is whether or not a product works.

Michelle openly admits that she suffered with acne for 14 years and like many of us, used all sorts of abrasive lotions and potions that end up causing more harm than good. She would cover her face with makeup to hide the spots and I remember doing the same at university when I had terrible spots on my face, back and chest. When I look at photos from that time I look like I am wearing a mask!

The solution for Michelle was a simple regime from Alpha-H, using just the Balancing Cleanser and Balancing Moisturiser to allow the skin to settle down. She was so impressed that she bought the company and now her mantra is that everyone deserves and can get good skin.

Alpha-H is renowned for using glycolic acid in many of their products, and the runaway success of the brand is Liquid Gold. Applied with a cotton pad directly to cleansed skin (avoiding the eye and lip area) at night, you don't need to layer any other products on top, lie back and wake in the morning with radiant skin. It is that simple. Liquid Gold is recommended for mature, sun damaged and dull complexions.

Alpha -H Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 50
Aside from Liquid Gold, my favourite products are Micro Cleanse and Daily Essential Moisturiser with SPF 50.

Micro Cleanse is a gentle exfoliant to help remove dead skin cells, leaving a smoother, more radiant skin and allowing you moisturisers and serums to work more effectively. It can be used as a cleanser or more intensively as a mask.

The Daily Essential Moisturiser is what is says on the tin, a daytime moisturiser with a matte finish that protects the skin from sun damage with a high SPF whilst not leaving the skin greasy or chalky. I have been using it all summer and it has really helped prevent any pigmentation (that I am prone to) from developing.

Due to the success of Liquid Gold, Alpha-H have just released a more intensive version for use at night that you can alternate with Liquid Gold, Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum, £36.36 for 50ml (from Although not suitable for sensitive skin, it contains vitamins A, B3 and glycolic acid and is worth giving a try for those who think their skin needs an extra boost.

Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum
I have pre-ordered my night serum and expect to receive it mid September, so I will write about it in more detail once I have thoroughly tested it for a month.

If problem skin is getting you down, Alpha-H might just be the answer to your prayers.

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