Saturday, 4 September 2010

Alpha-H has taken over my bathroom!

After my brand focus post on Alpha-H, I have decided to give my skincare regime a complete overhaul. For the first time I am going to use products all from one brand (with the exception of the Elemis eye cream that I am trialing).
My new skincare regime for the next 3 months
What has sparked this change is having just come off some medication (literally yesterday) that I know is going to play havoc with my skin. The last time I altered it I got terrible acne everywhere so after a few months, I went back on it, just to get my skin clear. That may sound shallow but having always had reasonable skin before, it really got me down and knocked my confidence.

This time I am taking a more natural, long term approach. Alpha-H is the go to brand for problem skin and I am hoping that if I start using the full range of products now, it will help to minimise the effects of the hormonal changes caused by stopping the medication.

Although I desperately hope that it will prevent the acne I had last time, this will also provide a great opportunity for me to update you as to my progress with the brand . It is all very well someone with good skin extolling the virtues of a product but the important thing is how it works on skin in distress!

Products I will be using:
  • Triple Action Cleanser
  • Micro Cleanse Exfoliant
  • Liquid Gold
  • Liquid Gold Serum
  • White Gold
  • Liquid Gold Mask
  • Purifying Clay Mask
  • Daily Essential Moisturiser with SPF 50
  • Absolute Eye Complex
I aim to stick to this new regime until Christmas and I will try to give fortnightly updates on how my skin is reacting to the changes and whether the products are really helping in order to give others in a similar position more of an idea of whether the range is worth investing in.

Better start it now as I can feel at least 2 spots beginning to errupt, wish me luck!

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