Thursday, 30 September 2010

Bobbi Brown Denim & Rose Palette: Review + Swatches

I bought this a while ago but refrained from using it so just so I could keep it in pristine condition until I photographed it for my blog. Here goes.

Bobbi Brown Denim & Rose Palette - £45

It is the most unusual palette I have seen from Bobbi Brown, most renowned for her neutrals, but I think it is a worthwhile departure.

The outside of the Bobbi Brown Denim & Rose Palette
The soft case is obviously made of denim, as the name suggests, and there is a chunky denim style zip that goes round 3 sides of the square palette. In terms of size, it is smaller than Bobbi Brown's usual face palettes, approximately the size of a shimmer brick (maybe 6.5cm by 6.5cm, I don't have a ruler at hand). This compact size makes it perfect for travel and handbag touch ups.

The face palette is on the cooler side shade wise and contains:
  • Powder Blush in Pink Rose - 2.5g
  • Eye Shadow in Navajo - 0.9g
  • Eye Shadow in Gray Denim - 0.9g
  • Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in Dark Rinse - 1.1g
  • Sparkle Eye Shadow in Pink Granite - 1.1g
  • Creamy Lip Colour in Cool Rose - 0.8g
  • Creamy Lip Colour in Indie Rose - 0..8g
  • Lip Gloss in Hot Rose - 0.6g
  • Glitter Lip Gloss in Iced Lilac - 0.6g
So in summary, for £45, you get to try out 1 blusher, 4 eyeshadows in a range of finishes, 2 lipsticks and 2 lip glosses.

Top to bottom, left to right: Navajo, Gray Denim, Cool Rose, Pink Rose Blush, Iced Lilac, Hot Rose, Pink Graphite, Dark Rinse, Indie Rose

I have to be honest and say that I thought I would love this a lot more than I do. I was a bit disappointed when I swatched the colours today, not especially keen on chunky glitter or glitter lip glosses. The blush is a nice colour, reminded me a bit of Benefit's Dandelion, but I think it would have been better to include 1 or 2 pot rouge instead of lip glosses as I can see powder getting mixed up in them and everything getting a bit messy.

When I swatched the shadows, Navajo didn't really show up at all as it the same shade as my skin colour. Good as an eyeshadow base but I have about 10 of these now, as this or Bone tends to be included in every palette.
Left to right: Applied dry - Gray Denim, Pink Granite, Dark Rinse. Applied wet - Gray Denim, Dark Rinse, Pink Granite.

When applied dry, I didn't think much of the shadows, especially the sparkle shadow as it looked like you'd get a lot of fallout. However, once I applied them wet things got better. Dark Rinse, the shimmer shade looks great wet, a beautiful foil, and pink granite improved considerably.

Left to right: Cool Rose Creamy Lipstick, Indie Rose Creamy Lipstick, Iced Lilac Glitter Lip Gloss, Hot Rose Lip Gloss & Pink Rose Blush.
The blusher and lipsticks are good shades on me but I am a bit indifferent about the glosses.

All in all I think I will still get some good wear out of this palette even though I am not too keen on the glitter colours. It is a well thought out combination of shades and the eyeshadows look better when paired with the new limited edition Denim Ink Long Wear Gel Liner.

Good for travel and for pale skin tones, not sure how well these shades would work on warmer skins or darker skins. I think the blush could definitely look a little ashy on olive and darker skin tones. The darker eyeshadows when applied wet should look great on everyone. My favourite is Dark Rinse applied wet, if you wanted a less full on look you could always use it as a liner shade.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Chanel Soho Nail Varnish in Strong

I know I promised a break from nail varnish but.....

Chanel Strong is so pretty I had to talk about it.

At the weekend I would have been happy to have never seen another bottle of varnish again, but that attitude quickly faded when Chanel Steel and Strong arrived. My nail varnish obsession has been fully revived and I am already saving to try out some Butter London shades.

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Strong
Strong reminds me of molten metal, not too sure exactly what metal, but that's what it makes me think of, that and volcanoes. Possibly a little random. Although my enthusiasm for nail colours is back, maybe my descriptive powers have evaporated!

It doesn't help that Strong is colour that is very hard to pin down in word or photos. The best I can come up with is a very very dark brown (looks almost black) base colour with a subtle molten shimmer of copper and burgundy. The shimmer is subtle, but when the sun catches your nails it makes you stop and stare at it.

Compares to Les Khakis de Chanel, this is much more my kind of colour. Vampy, but still elegant and appropriate to wear everyday. More interesting than a creme but not as full on as an all out shimmer/metallic shade.

I am including many photos in an effort to try to show you the hidden shimmer I am so badly trying to describe. Here goes.

2 coats of Strong applied + top coat

2 coats Strong applied + top coat - taken outside

I thought that Strong bore a striking resemblance to OPI's Black Cherry Chutney, especially when the bottles were placed side by side. So I decided to test them both out, one shade on each hand and the result was that Black Cherry Chutney is not nearly so dark and is much more of a burgundy with shimmer. The two shades are actually very different when applied.

Left to right: Chanel's Strong & OPI's Black Cherry Chutney
2 coats OPI Black Cherry Chutney + top coat

Top Hand - Chanel Strong, Bottom Hand - OPI Black Cherry Chutney
The difference between the two shades is actually a lot more noticeable on the nails than the photos show.

Strong was releases as part of the limited edition Chanel Soho Collection, designed to celebrate the refurbished US Soho store. It is not available in the UK, sorry about that, so if you want it you will either have to beg any American friends to get you a bottle or resort to eBay.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Giveaway Update

Firstly, welcome to the new followers, I hope you are enjoying my blog.

Most importantly, either no one wants the Decleor Aroma Comfort Hand Cream (it is really lovely, you can read reviews of it on or I explained the giveaway rules really, really badly. All you need to do to stand a chance of winning it is leave a comment anywhere on this blog. Everyone who has already commented is automatically entered. It's that simple.

Entries for both giveaways close at 11pm this Saturday.

The handcream needs a good home (as does the Lindt chocolate that comes with it)!

September's Must-haves and Lust-haves - it's a long list!

I can't believe that September is nearly over already, although looking out of my window the weather says it all, grey, misty and drizzle. Typical English autumn weather, but still wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

The lust-have section of this post will be a little (make that a lot) longer this month for the simple reason that it is my birthday at the end of October and I am hoping that some family members might stumble upon this post and take the hint.

Lets start with my top 5 must-haves of the month, products I have used and loved:

  1. Alpha-H Skincare, namely Triple Action Cleanser (£21.45) and Liquid Gold (£28.60) - I stopped using these for a couple of day and my skin was an oily, bumpy mess. Now back on the Alpha-H regime and things are looking better already.
  2. Burberry Beauty Light Glow Blush in Peony (£28) - Perfect shade for giving me a natural, healthy look to my cheeks.
  3. Chanel Soho Collection Le Vernis Nail Colour in Strong (only available in US) - only received this a few days ago but the micro shimmer is beautiful (like molten metal), much more me that Les Khakis de Chanel.
  4. Chanel Rouge Coco in Rose Comete (£21.50) - a pretty light pink shimmer shade, pale enough to pair with a smokey eye but not make you look washed out.
  5. Bobbi Brown Denim & Rose Face Palette (£45) - a nice change to the more prolific neutral palettes that Bobbi is so famous for. The colours are perfect for paler skins. Post coming soon.

Now onto this months lust-haves, products I really want to try out during October. It's a long list.
    Lanolips - Now available in the UK!
  1. Lanolips Tinted Lip Ointment in Rhubarb - £7.99
  2. Edward Bess Lip Wardrobe - £310 (this is only on the list to make everything else look reasonably priced!)
  3. Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Colour in Moroccan Rouge - £35
  4. Lipstick Queen Discovery Set - £40
  5. Lipstick Queen Jean Queen Lipstick - £15
  6. Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm - £30
  7. Sarah Chapman Skin Tone Perfecting Booster - £56
  8. YSL Couture Manicure Duo in Belle Nuit - £24
  9. By Terry Baume de Rose - £32
  10. Rouge Bunny Rouge Eyeshadow in Delicate Hummingbird - £22
  11. Rouge Bunny Rouge Highlighting Liquid in Sea of Tranquility - £45
  12. Chantecaille Lip Chic in Zinnia - £26.50
  13. Le Metier de Beaute Kaliedoscope Eye Kit in Le Cirque - £55
  14. Mac Venomous Villains Malificent Beauty Powder in Briar Rose
  15. Mac Venomous Villians Malificent Mineralize Eyeshadow duos
  16. Mac Venomous Villains Dr Facilier Greasepaint Stick in French Quarter
  17. Mac Superslick eyeliner in Smokey Heir - £14.50
  18. Frederic Fekkai Technician Mask - £28
  19. Chantecaille Les Macarons Face Palette (Holiday 2010) - £63
I told you it was a long list! If I ever manage to get just 10% of this list I will be a very happy girl (the Edward Bess Lip Wardrobe is clearly never going to happen but its good to have aspirations!).

Monday, 27 September 2010

New CID Cosmetics i-Perfect Foundation - the verdict

It is a brave company that decides to use the word 'perfect' in the name of a product. It had better be good as people's expectations are going to be high. Unfortunately, I found too many imperfections for the name to be justified.

New CID Cosmetics i-Perfect Foundation - £24.75 from QVC

I will start with the positives:
The shade I chose was the fairest, Nougat, and it was the best match to my natural skintone that I have found in any foundation. Many can appear too yellow on me but this was a great neutral, I can't say whether this was the colour adjusting technology at work or not because it was the perfect shade straightaway, I didn't have to wait for it to alter.

Once applied, the foundation gave a really natural finish, almost like you'd expect from a tinted moisturiser but with a little more coverage. I could have just used the foundation and left it at that and I would have looked like a better version of myself. I find with many foundations they only look right once you have applied the rest of your makeup.

Now onto the negatives:
The main drawback with this product is the click pen. I had been looking for a foundation in this format for a while but was disappointed with this interpretation of it. I needed to click well over 50 times to get any product out at all and for someone with joint problems, this was a painful process! I was determined though and with perseverance, eventually found a bit of product.

The brush part of the pen was very poor quality. For the price, I expected that the brush would at least be soft and allow you to apply without using your fingers. The pen concept is meant to allow for easy application but the brush really let this down. It felt very scratchy against my skin, especially when I got near the under eye area, and once I was able to get some product out the brush was useless at blending. If I hadn't used my fingers afterwards I would have looked a smeary mess. I may have just been unlucky and got a very bad brush,, but I can only go on my personal experience.

Final thoughts
I rate the foundation itself very highly, although the coverage is probably not enough for people with more serious skin concerns. It is a good colour on me and considering I bought this without trying the shades in person, this was a pleasant surprise. However, the click pen is seriously flawed and really lets the product down. I might think about decanting the foundation into a separate container so I can dispose of the pen system altogether, at least that way I can see how much product I have left and it will be more hygienic. As ti was by a British brand, I really wanted to love this product but for the price, I expected more.

New CID i-Perfect Foundation is available in 4 shades and can be bought online for and

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Q&A: Do you prefer to buy your beauty products in store or online?

For me this is an easy one, I love shopping for beauty products online. It means I am able to make more considered purchases and there is no pressurised selling. I can add items to my virtual basket and come back to them days or even weeks later (I frequently create wish list baskets when trying to avoid revision/essay writing).

The downside is that the colours of products shown on many websites are really inaccurate. However, that is where beauty blogs come in. Since I discovered them I am far more adventurous in what I will buy online. I love reading about how others have found the products and seeing different photos and this all adds to the overall online shopping experience.

I would never have spent £35 on a lipstick had I not seen how beautiful the Tom Ford shades looked on Grace London or searched endlessly for Estee Lauder's Surreal Violet Nail Lacquer if I hadn't spied the swatches on Lipglossiping. Beauty blogs have really opened my eyes to so many more brands that I can now look for online. I don't feel I am missing out so much by not living near a Selfridges!

I must stress that I do live out in the sticks in Kent and my nearest department store is about 40 minutes away and that has a very restricted range of brands on offer. My nearest Space NK is Bluewater (well over an hour away) and I haven't been there for over 4 years. If I lived or worked in a city where I had beauty departments at my fingertips I might be more inclined to spend my money in store and get the expertise of staff, but for now, I keep the postman busy with my online orders.

Which do you prefer? Do you love chatting to counter staff or do they have you running for the hills? Will you only buy a product if you have seen it in person? What online retailers do you find the best for beauty purchases?

My First Ever Giveaway - OPI & Decleor

After teasing you all for nearly a week, here are the details of my first ever giveaway to celebrate a month of my blog.

Decleor Aroma Comfort Hand Cream - to be in with a chance of winning, just leave a comment!
The most important thing, the prizes. There are two separate competitions and the prize for the first is a 50ml size of Decleor Hand Cream, perfect for keeping in your handbag. I have been slathering this on all week as the central heating has kicked in and my hands are in poor condition due to the amount of swatching I have been doing. Unlike some, the cream sinks in quickly leaving no greasy residue. A real handbag must have.

OPI Irre-Swiss-Ables Mini Collection - To be in with a chance of winning, just become a follower of this blog!
The prize for the second competition, as you may have guessed, is the Limited Edition OPI Irre-Swiss-Ables Mini Pack. It includes miniature bottles (3.75ml) of Rapid Dry Top Coat, Lucerne-tainly Look Marvellous, Yodel Me On My Cell and Colour So Hot It Berns. Having tempted you with a look at the whole Swiss Collection I thought I couldn't not give you the opportunity to get your hands on 3 of the best colours from the range. You can see the colours in more detail in my previous posts.

With each of the prizes, a bar of the best Swiss chocolate, Lindt, will be included.

How to enter
For the first competition (the prize being the Decleor Hand Cream), all you need to do to enter is leave a comment on this post. I would love to know your favourite colour from the Swiss Collection, your favourite makeup brand, your favourite product, which brands you would like to see more of on beauty blogs. Anything goes. There will only be one entry per person so don't leave 10 comments thinking you will get 10 entries, you won't. The competition will close at 11pm (UK time) on Saturday and the winner will be announced a week today, next Sunday.

For the second competition (the prize being the OPI Mini Collection), all you need to do is become a follower of this blog. The three people following me already are automatically entered into this competition. There is one entry per follower and the competition will close at 11pm (UK time) on Saturday. The winner will be announced next Sunday.

Both competitions are open worldwide, no one is excluded.

After announcing the winners, if I don't hear back from them within 48 hours, another winner will be chosen.

To summarise:
1. To be in with a chance of winning the Decleor Hand Cream, leave a comment on this post by 11pm (UK time) Saturday 2 October 2010.
2. To be in with a chance of winning the Irre-Swiss-Ables Mini Collection, become a follower of this blog by 11pm (UK time) Saturday 2 October 2010.
3. Only one entry per person.
4. Winners will be chosen by a random number generator.
5. Both competitions are open to worldwide readers, no one is excluded
6. Winners will be announced on Sunday 3 October
7. Winners need to contact me with mailing addresses within 48 hours of being announced, if I hear nothing another winner will be chosen.
8. You can enter both competitions (but only one entry in each per person)

I think that is everything (bear with me, it is my first giveaway), all that remains is to wish everyone good luck!

OPI Swiss Collection: The Final 3 Swatches

Nail varnish week is finally at an end, I have swatched the final three colours from the Swiss Collection and I apologise for the slightly poorer application technique, I am officially suffering from nail varnish fatigue.

Left to right: Just A Little Rosti At This, The Colour To Watch, I'm Suzi And I'm A Chocoholic

The colours are The Colour To Watch, a shimmery lilac, I'm Suzi And I'm A Chocoholic, a reddy brown creme and Just A Little Rosti At This, a darkened raspberry creme.

Left to right: Just A Little Rosti At This, The Colour To Watch, I'm Suzi And I'm A Chocoholic - taken indoors
The first colour, Just a Little Rosti At This, is a darkened raspberry creme. When I applied it I almost had deja vu, it is very similar to From A To Zurich, just one or two shades darker. Two coats was applied for photographs plus a top coat. Good colour for autumn but nothing special, you really don't need both Just A Little Rosti At This and From A To Zurich in your collection and I was surprised OPI put two such similar shades in the same collection.

2 coats Just A Little Rosti At This + topcoat - taken outdoors

I had high hopes for The Colour To Watch as it stood out from the rest and I love purples and lilacs. However, this disappointed. This colour definitely looks better in the bottle than on the nails. I had to use 3 coats to get an opaque finish and the shimmer is a frosty blue. I think it looks like a cheap colour, but maybe I am biased because I love Estee Lauder's Surreal Violet so much. It is a fun colour but I had higher hopes for it. Surreal Violet has an elegance about it that is really lacking in the OPI shade.  Maybe it will grow on me.

2 coats The Colour To Watch + topcoat - taken outdoors

2 coats The Colour To Watch + topcoat - taken indoors
Last but not least is I'm Suzi And I'm A Chocoholic. I have never eaten chocolate that resembles this colour, a deep red brown. It applied well, 2 coats for a flawless finish, but I find it hard to be incredibly enthusiastic about it. I think I have seen enough brown variations on a theme with Les Khakis de Chanel and this is not a colour I would usually choose to wear. It is probably the warmest colour out of the twelve and this might explain my indifference to it, I usually wear cooler tones.

2 coats I'm Suzi And I'm A Chocoholic + topcoat - taken outdoors

2 coats I'm Suzi And I'm A Chocoholic + topcoat - taken indoors
So here is the end of our  brief jaunt round Switzerland. Details of my first ever giveaway will be posted soon. In the meantime, do you think you will be picking up anything from the OPI Swiss Collection? What are your favourites?

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Alpha-H skincare regime update

A couple of weeks on and I am pleased to report that I have no more spots than when I started. For me, this is a big achievement as expected full blown acne after coming off some medication. I did get a small breakout immediately, the nasty kind that bubble up under the skin becoming very painful and feeling huge. I got so well acquainted with these spots every time I looked in the mirror that I almost thought about naming them.

However, I stuck to my Alpha-H system, resisted the urge to pick them and they are pretty much gone now. My skin is fairly clear and I firmly believe this is down to the products I am using. I start with Triple Action Cleanser, then use Essential Daily Moisturiser SPF 50 in the morning. In the evening after cleansing, I alternate between Liquid Gold and the Gentle Exfoliant Moisturiser. Every other morning I have been using the Microcleanse Exfoliator and once a week I have used the gylcolic mask followed by the Purifying Clay Mask.

Decleor Hydra Floral Moisturiser - £37.50
Unfortunately, this week I have had an allergic reaction to some other medication, resulting in a nasty red, itchy rash on my chest, arms and neck. This has nothing to do with the skincare products I have been using, it is a side effect of my medication (I am on all sorts).

As a result, I decided to stop the Alpha-H as I thought the amount of glycolic in the majority of products might not help, and I have resorted to my Decleor stash. My face has gone a bit patchy and has dry spots so I thought the Hydra Floral moisturiser would help this as well as the Balm Essential at night and the Neroli Facial Oil in the day. To cleanse, I am using Bobbi Brown Facial Oil. My skin really feels like it needs comfort and nourishment and I thought Decleor fitted the bill.

It will be interesting to see it stopping the Alpha-H means more spots start appearing, then I will no for sure that it was working. Once my skin gets back to normal I will go back to the Alpha-H system as I think it is the best I have found when trying to combat acne prone skin. I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, if anyone has any ideas of what to do to help itchy, sore skin on the body that has suffered an allergic reaction I am all ears. It is taking all my willpower to stop scratching!

Q&A: How often do you change your nail colour?

Before I started this blog I was very lazy with my nails. I changed my toes maybe once a month, when the nail had grown out too much to look passable. On my hands, I only applied colour once a fortnight, and took it off when I couldn't stand the chips anymore.

Now I am trying to look much more groomed, so I change colour about twice a week. Using Seche Vite as a topcoat has really helped as it cuts down the drying time, meaning I can fit a manicure into an episode of Neighbours or Home and Away, got to love Aussie soaps. This week has been crazy as I am trying to swatch 12 shades in about 4 days and I am running very low on polish remover! After I am finished I might go au natural for a while to let my nails and cuticles recover.

Are you a colour chameleon or do you find changing shades too time consuming?

OPI Swiss Collection - Diva Of Geneva & Ski Teal We Drop Swatches

Left to right: Diva of Geneva & Ski Teal We Drop - taken outside

Today's colours are OPI's Diva of Genva, a red wine shimmer, and Ski Teal We Drop, like the name suggests, a teal creme. I have taken photos of the shades indoors and outdoors so you get a better feel of how the colours look in different lighting conditions.

As normal, I could have applied just one coat of each if I was in a hurry, but I used two for the photos for consistency.

Ski Teal We Drop is my favourite of the two, it is almost like Cuckoo For This Colour minus the shimmer. It definitely leans more blue than green, but it is not as blue as it appears in the outside photos. It actually comes up quite dark on the nail.

Diva Of Geneva is a 'nice' shade, a bit too warm for it to look good on me, but I feel I have seen this shade before in previous OPI collections, the French and Russian ones spring to mind. In my overview post, I will go through my whole collection to look for any potential dupes. It is very shimmery and so has been quite hard to photograph well, but for this shade the photos taken outside are the best representation of how it looks in real life.

OPI's Ski Teal We Drop and Diva Of Geneva

2 coats of Ski Teal We Drop applied + top coat - taken indoors

2 coats Ski Teal We Drop + top coat - taken outdoors

To see how close Ski Teal We Drop is to Cuckoo For Colour without the shimmer, I took a photo of the bottle of the shimmer shade with the creme on the nails. You can decide for yourself whether they are similar shades but with a different finish.

OPI's Cuckoo For This Colour with Ski Teal We Drop on the nails
I also felt Diva Of Geneva might be similar to From A To Zurich with shimmer so I photographed those 2 shades alongside each other. Looking at the picture, I think Diva of Geneva is warmer the From A To Zurich.

From A To Zurich and Diva From Geneva
2 coats of Diva Of Geneva + topcoat - taken indoors

2 coat of Diva Of Geneva + topcoat - taken outside
Tomorrow I will have swatches of the final 3 shades and details of the giveaway. If you are getting a bit tired of nail varnish (I know I am!), I promise next week will be far more lipstick orientated.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Q&A: What items are on your current beauty wish list?

As there is 20% off all items at this weekend when you use the promo code WEEKEND, my wish list is currently featuring anything and everything by Edward Bess and Rouge Bunny Rouge, particularly the lipsticks and eyeshadows.

The famous Lip Wardrobe by Edward Bess - £310

Both of these brands are sold at and as they are on the pricey side, this weekend could be a good chance to try them. For some reviews and swatches of Edward Bess and Rouge Bunny Rouge products check out and

I would be placing an order if I hadn't spent all my funds on nail varnish this month. I'll have to wait till my birthday instead.

Are there any products currently catching your eye?

OPI Swiss Collection - Glitzzerland & Colour So Hot It Berns Swatches

OPI Swiss Collection - the cremes
The next 2 shades I have swatched from the OPI Swiss Collection are Glittzerland, a golden shimmer, and Colour So Hot It Burns, a creme red.

Left to right: OPI Colour So Hot It Berns & Glittzerland
Glittzerland is the golden version of Lucerne-Tainly Look Marvellous, the finish of both is very similar. It is a light gold shimmer/foil, and the nice thing about it is it isn't too brassy, making it more wearable for different skintones. I would call it a champagne gold, perfect for the festive season. I used 2 coats and it applied easily.

2 coats OPI Glittzerland + top coat - with flash

2 coats of Glittzerland + top coat - without flash

Colour So Hot It Berns is a perfect neutral red creme. It applied easily and 2 coats gave an opaque finish. It reminded me a lot of my favourite, Chanel's Pirate, which I posted about the other week. The OPI might have a touch more orange about it, but I doubt anyone could really tell the difference. This colour is a real staple for when you want a touch of glamour.

2 coats OPI Colour So Hot It Berns + top coat - with flash
2 coats OPI Colour So Hot It Berns + top coat - without flash
Bottom: Colour So Hot It Berns, Top: Glittzerland
Tomorrow will feature another 3 shades from the collection. If you are thinking of trying a few of the shades, be sure to check out my giveaway which will be announced on Sunday evening.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Q&A: What is your favourite OPI Collection?

Although I am really liking the current OPI Swiss Collection, overall my favourite has to be La Collection de France, released in Autumn 2008.

I love all things French and there is not one shade out of the 12 that I have not worn. They are perfect for Autumn/Winter, containing great taupes as well as more vibrant purples and berries. This collection is very versatile as I would imagine it would suit everyone and every age group. Some of the recent mini collections, like the Shrek one, contained very bright, full-on colours that would only appeal to the brave. The French Collection is more subdued and the better for it in my opinion.

The colour I wear most from the collection is You Don't Know Jaques, a great neutral with a hint of khaki to it.

Which is your favourite?

MAC Venomous Villains Collection - Release Dates

MAC Venomous Villains Collection
Just a very quick post on this exciting collaboration between Disney and MAC. It is set to be released in the US on 30th September and I just rang my local MAC Counter today and they said it is launching in the UK on Thursday 7th October. With the amount of hype it has had it is bound to sell out fast so if you want it, get there on the launch day.

The collection is divided into four Disney Villains, Cruella de Ville from 101 Dalmatians, Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, The Evil Queen from Snow White and Dr Facilier from The Princess And The Frog. The collection includes pigments, nail lacquers, lip glosses, lipsticks, eye shadows, blush, beauty powders and greasepaint sticks.

Out of the four looks, my favourites are Maleficent and The Evil Queen. I definitely want to pick up the beauty powders, a couple of lipsticks, some great violet and purple eyeshadows and a greasepaint stick as I missed them the first time round. Some of the products are new but some are re-releases.

For a closer look and review of all the individual products in the collection, check out

Do you have your eye on anything or will you skip this one?

OPI Swiss Collection: Cuckoo For This Colour, From A to Zurich & Yodel Me On My Cell Swatches and Reviews

Left to right: Cuckoo For This Colour & Yodel Me On My Cell

 The next three colours from the OPI Swiss Collection I am reviewing are two shimmers and one creme. The two shimmers may look a little similar in the bottle, Yodel Me On My Cell and Cuckoo For This Colour, so I applied them to each hand so you can have a direct comparison.

Left to right: OPI's Cuckoo For This Colour, From A To Zurich & Yodel Me On My Cell

Cuckoo For This Colour is a spectacular teal green shimmer. It applied easily and one coat would probably have been enough but I used two for the photos. It is my favourite shade from the whole collection, unusual but still perfect for Autumn/Winter.

2 coats Cuckoo For This Colour - with flash

2 coats Cuckoo For This Colour - without flash

Yodel Me On My Cell is another shimmer, a vibrant aqua blue. After one coat this looked awful, very streaky and see through, which I found hard to understand as the previous colour had applied so well. In the photos I had to use 3 coats to try to get an opaque finish and I could still see the nail line.

3 coats Yodel Me On My Cell - with flash

3 coats Yodel Me On My Cell - without flash

Top hand: Yodel Me On My Cell, Bottom hand: Cuckoo For This Colour

I have read that some people think this shade is very similar to Catch Me In Your Net from the Summer Flutter Collection. I used this colour in my first Monday Manicure so you can see it on the nails in that post. In the bottle the difference is clear, Yodel Me On My Cell has none of the glitter present in Catch Me In Your Net and none of the shades of yellow, green and turquoise that catch the light. I have photographed the bottles side by side, one with flash and one without to try to show this but it hasn't turned out great. The difference is more apparent in the flesh.

Left to right: Cuckoo For This Colour, Catch Me In Your Net, Yodel Me On My Cell - with flash

Left to right: Cuckoo For This Colour, Catch Me In My Net, Yodel Me On My Cell - without flash

The final colour is From A to Zurich, a rich raspberry creme. This colour is a great if you liked wearing bright oranges and pinks in summer as the raspberry tones make it appropriate for autumn. This was the usual OPI quality, one coat would have down but two was used for the photo. I'm afraid the photo doesn't really do the colour justice, it looks slightly dulled. In reality, it is more vivid and probably would have appeared so if I had used it on my hands rather than my feet.

2 coats of OPIs From A To Zurich

Cuckoo For This Colour is definitely my favourite but I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of From A To Zurich on both fingers and toes. I was disappointed with the quality of Yodel Me On My Cell but I generally prefer greens to blues in both nail varnish and makeup in general. If I have time, I will take some photos of the shades outside and post tomorrow as it was dark by the time I had them applied today.

The OPI Swiss Collection is available from a number of online retailers including and Each bottle costs £9.95.

Check back tomorrow for swatches of 3 more shades from the OPI Swiss Collection.