Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Lulu Guinness Autumn/Winter Collection: Makeup + Handbags = Heaven!

I have been silently longing for a statement Lulu Guinness handbag for years now but I have always managed to talk myself out of actually purchasing once (I prefer to spend all my money on makeup). However, the latest Autumn/Winter collection has provided me with a reason to part with my cash, it is centered around makeup!

The range features handbags in a range of sizes as well as good selection of smaller purses so there is something to fit a range of budgets.
Makeup Grid Purse £50

My favourite is the medium Cosmetic Shop Edith bag. Every season Lulu produces a statement bag in the style of a specific shop front, previous seasons have included a seafood shop, London souvenir shop and a florists. In keeping with the makeup theme, the latest is a cosmetic shop front. It is full of all the exquisite embroidered detailing that you would expect from the brand and at £250, it is going on the top of my birthday list (I'd better make sure I ask nicely).

Medium Edith Bag

I love the small satin purses that could be used for change or makeup, but I find the Black Cosmetic Shop Wallet, £125, the most practical. It combines the shop front and embroidery detail of the larger bags with all the features you would expect from a quality wallet or purse. If you want the iconic design but are not so keen on the handbags, this would be a great option. Combined with a smarter, more traditional leather bag, when you pay for your latest cosmetics purchase, this wallet will demonstrate both your personality and style.
The new Lulu Guinness Collection is available online at www.luluguinness.com and www.qvcuk.com.

All photos from www.luluguinness.com

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