Saturday, 28 August 2010

A love affair between 1 woman and her lipstick

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Lipstick Luvvies. I hope to be able to share with you my love of lipstick as well as anything and everything in the beauty world, likes and dislikes, product reviews, trends and maybe the odd makeup look if I am brave enough to post photos of myself (maybe in time!). Let me know if there is anything specific you would like me to blog about. I have no idea if anyone will read this and I may well end up talking just to myself but I will remain eternally hopeful that at some stage in the future someone might talk back to me!

Chanel Lipstick - My favourite!

Firstly, I'll say a little about myself and why I love the world of beauty so much. I grew up playing with dolls since I can remember and used to cut their hair and try and apply my mother's lipstick to them, doesn't really work on a Barbie Doll, had slightly more success with Girls World. However, I soon realised that applying it to plastic was futile and that putting it on me was far more exciting, so the dolls ended up in the attic and my first foray into real makeup began.

Apart from stealing or as I like to say, borrowing, makeup from my mother's dressing table, the first item I remember buying was a trio of nail varnishes from Miss Selfridge. I was feeling very grown up and chose some hideously garish metallic blue, turquoise and pinky/lilac shades, although I like to think that one of them was not too different to Chanel's Nouvelle Vague, so maybe I was just ahead of my time!

A few years later I upgraded from Miss Selfridge to my local department store and my love affair with Chanel began. A very kind sales assistant applied the limited edition gouache collection - a set of eye, cheek and lip products in artists tubes which came with a mini palette, and that became my first purchase.

 I still have it today and sadly, most of the products have been hardly touched. I don't think I had the necessary skills at that young age to really do it justice. However, that product started something, the shiny black packaging, the interlocking C's of the logo, not to mention the quality of the products and I haven't looked back since. If this has stirred any memories of your first makeup purchases, feel free to share and comment.

So there we have a very brief history of my romance with makeup. I have already described it as a love affair and although some might consider that melodramatic, I really consider it as such. I am constantly amazed by the transformative properties of cosmetics, how a touch of the right lipstick can give you a much needed boost on a bad day and how beauty is constantly evolving. I remember an old boyfriend once said that although most guys say they prefer girls natural, he would never knock makeup as he has seen the difference it can make to a woman. I'm not too sure if that was aimed at me, there is a reason he is an old boyfriend, but he had a point. I can look in the mirror in a morning and do a good impression of the waking dead, but some foundation, blush, mascara and lipstick and I look almost human, even if I don't feel it, and I am ready to face the day.

I hope that this blog will be a celebration of makeup of all shapes and sizes, prices and brands from the UK and beyond. My priority is to create a community where fellow lipstick luvvies can share and discuss the latest is beauty, avoiding the usual bewilderment, disbelief and often disapproval of the men in our lives and friends and family who are not yet converted to the wonder that is makeup. The sheer delight of applying the latest nail colour, finding the holy grail of under eye concealer (I am, alas, still searching) and of course seeing a new lipstick transform your face is something that I feel can only be understood by what I term, lipstick luvvies (sounds so much nicer than the oft used beauty junkies/addicts).

Estee Lauder Blue Dahlia Eyeshadow Palette RRP £34

Well that's it for my first ever post, Chanel updates will be on the way this week as well as a look at the 2 eyeshadow palettes from Estee Lauder's new Blue Dahlia Collection. I have already had a play and they produce the most fantastic looks.

Bye for now,

English Rose

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