Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Estee Lauder Blue Dahlia Collection - Swatches & Review

As promised, here is a quick look at what I consider to be the key pieces from the limited edition Blue Dahlia Collection by Tom Pecheux for Esteee Lauder. The focus is the two 5 colour eyeshadow palettes and the 2 pure colour gloss sticks.

I am a very late convert to Estee Lauder. When I was younger, I always considered it as a brand that was more suitable for my grandmother than me. I am not entirely sure where this impression came from but as I had had it for years, I knew it would take something special to convert me.

Sure enough, this season's Blue Dahlia Collection tempted me and now I cannot understand my reluctance to try the range the so many years. The products I have tried so far I am very impressed by.

Out of the 4 items I bought, my favourite has to be the Pure Colour Gloss Stick in Rose Dusk. It is the perfect natural lip colour but better with a modern glossy sheen and is so quick and easy to apply. I have worn it everyday since I purchased it and am considering stocking up on a second, something I have never done before with any makeup!
The range has been designed so that the Rose Dusk lip colour is paired with the Blue Dahlia eye palette and the brighter Orchid Dream lip colour goes with the Surreal Violet palette. Although Rose Dusk is my favourite, the Orchid Dream is a fab bright pink, and the finish makes it just wearable enough for day to day if you are on the brave side (I would not be able to carry this off if it was matte). The swatches really capture the gloss finish.
From left to right: Orchid Dream, Rose Dusk
After taking the plunge, I can say hand on heart that I will definitely be buying more of the Estee Lauder Pure Gloss Sticks in the not to distant future. They are my new favourite lipstick.

The Blue Dahlia range by Estee lauder is available nationwide or online at http://www.garden.co.uk/. The Pure Gloss Sticks are £17 each.

A closer look at the eyeshadow palettes with swatches will follow in the next post.

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